How to Develop Your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition

Are you someone that just seems to know things sometimes and you aren’t even sure how this happened? Do you ever get an idea bout something and it ends up being true? If so, you might not even realize that you have an intuitive gift.

Intuition is there to give you the gift of being aware of things without getting real answers. A person that has this gift is able to read others and to understand themselves.


Intuition is the ability to know things without really being told. This is something that cannot be taught in school, and it is a spiritual gift. Some people are good at reading others, but this is more than just that.

Intuition is what you are able to know and feel based on different things such as experiences from your past life. When you see something happen in the now, you will be able to recall what happened in your past life and you will know how to react to this.

Some people don’t believe that intuition is real because they don’t believe in past lives, and they only believe in things that are scientific or that they learned in school. Do you believe that your gut feeling is just a coincidence? This is not very likely.

The things that happen to you with your intuition can be a hunch. You might feel something is going to happen and then find out that it did. You might be able to read red flags about a situation or about a person and you might feel this in your gut. Come to find out, your thoughts were true, and that person or situation was actually false.

Intuition will help people to know things, and this isn’t based on education but the psychic gift that you have. No one has ever been able to prove or disprove psychic gifts and so it isn’t something that can be measured. But there have been doctors and other people that have chose to learn from someone that claims to have a psychic gift so that they can get better in what they do.

Observing Versus Intuition

How can you tell that you have intuition or that you aren’t just someone that observes things more than others? Being observant means that you look at different clues and then you make a decision on what you believe. This can be a way to discern something based on your personality or based on something that you experienced recently. But a gut feeling is different. This is a feeling that you get not because of something you knew, or you learned.

If you know someone and you go somewhere with them, you might feel that you have seen something before, and this might make you feel that you know something. This is being observing. This is different than intuition because intuition means that you haven’t seen this before and so you aren’t basing it on anything but your feelings.

You can be someone that is intuitive and observant though and this can give you double the gift.

Developing Your Intuition

You can learn to develop your intuition but first you have to realize that you are intuitive. You have to know that everyone has this gift but not everyone develops it.

Here are some ways that you can make your intuition stronger without even knowing that you are.

Notice Things

Start by paying attention to what is going on around you. Notice different things that you feel and different patterns that you experience. All things that happen are not coincidences. The mind is powerful, and it will show you things that can benefit you when you have to make a decision.

If you get a strong feeling to do something and you, do it, you will find out that this will benefit you. The more that you pay attention to what your intuition is telling you, the more power when you enter a roan feel anxiety for no reason when you enter a room, or you might even feel a desire to go somewhere. This can be because your intuition is guiding you.

Test Yourself

Test yourself on your intuition. See if what you feel comes true. Ask questions and see what happens. Try to guess certain things that you don’t know such as who is going to text you or what color hair the next person coming off the bus has.

See if you are able to guess these things and strengthen your intuition. The more you trust yourself the better your intuition will be.

Talk to a Psychic

You might have a friend that is a psychic and you can talk to them about their gift. Find out what they believe in and what they do to listen more to their intuition. They will share their experiences with you, and you will see how similar your own life is to theirs.

Have Patience

Developing your gift can take time. Be patient and don’t try to rush things. You need to notice that your intuition is part of who you are. The older you get the more aware that you will be. You can keep a record of what you experience, and you will see that you are developing your gift as you grow.

Intuition is a skill, but it is also a gift. Skills are learned and gifts are given so you can have both. Gifts are these abilities that you are born with and sometimes they are hard to explain. As you learn how they help you, you will see that you can develop your gifts more and more. Be patient and let your gifts grow.

What Can an Intuitive Do?

If you have a gift of intuition, there are things that you can do. But first, you have to realize that you have this gift. There are many things that you can do to help yourself and others. Psychics are often intuitives that can guide others, counsel them, and help people in their everyday lives.


A person that is an intuitive guide can help to coach people. They can take their ideas and help people to focus on their careers and what is best for them. They can show people what talents that they have and help them to realize the weaknesses that they face.

Having relationships with people will help you to show them what kind of problems that they have that they need to work on such as anger management, bad attitudes, and other issues. These things can come from people that have past trauma such as abuse or other things.

An intuitive guide can help the client to get the counseling that they need. If they have a hard time in their job, they can meet with you and set goals that can help them to find their right path in life.


There are some people that are great at being counselors. If you have intuitive gifts, you can do this to help people to overcome hardships in their life. There are some people that use readings such as tarot cards to understand their situations. Some intuitives are able to use these tools.

There are priests and priestesses that have intuitive gifts, and they are able to reach the people by helping them with their spiritual and emotional needs. They can give them answers and help them to reach out to the right gods and goddesses to help them.

Even psychiatric counselors can sometimes help people to get the medicine hat they need. They will know the best treatments because of their intuition.


Intuitive mediums are able to reach into the spiritual world to help people. They can know when spirits are close and when they want to communicate with someone. These spirits can be someone that has died or a guide or angel that wants to share a message.

These people can use their gifts to help those that need to have closure in their life and need this push to be able to say goodbye and accept the death of others.

Famous Intuitives

There are some people that are famous intuitive such as:

  • Cecilia: She was an astrologer and medium that had intuitive gifts. She was 29 years of age and was able to help people. She was an author, knew how the sun sign affected people and was able to coach people to live a better life. She did many predictions and helped people all around the world.

Intuitive is something that means a gift from the universe. This intuition can help you to know what to say and what to do. It can take time to develop this gift and you can see that with this gift, you can help others.

Zodiac Signs and Intuition

Anyone in any sign can be intuitive but here are some of the most known intuitive signs:


This is a sign that is considered very intuitive. They are able to use the gift to benefit themselves and everyone around them. When you meet a Scorpio, they might not be your friend, but they will know if they are able to communicate with you effectively because of their gift.

If they decide to communicate with you, they will tell you about their goals. They will not change for anyone, and they don’t compromise who they are.


This is a very empathic sign. They are people that understand their own intuition and the intuition of others. They are able to understand what people are thinking and feeling and they are able to predict the future.

They use their gifts to read the feelings of others and to translate how they can help them. They benefit from focusing on nature and on other people.


This is a sign that means someone is trusting and using their inner feelings and voice. They are able to pay attention and focus on their own feelings and the feelings of others. They focus on their mind and spiritual self, and they are not into mainstream things.

They believe that their psychic gifts are important, and they love to learn about them. They have a strong sixth sense and they will always listen to their inner voice and will trust their intuition.

Final Thoughts

As you learn about your intuition and you focus on your abilities, you can develop them and make them stronger. The best way to find out your intuitive gifts is to speak to someone that has this gift and let them share their heart and soul with you.


  1. The intersection of intuition and past life experiences raises interesting questions about the nature of consciousness and memory. It would be beneficial to see more empirical research in this area.

  2. The concept of intuition as a spiritual gift is intriguing. The idea that it combines both innate abilities and developed skills could explain why some individuals excel in fields requiring quick, insightful decisions.

  3. This article provides a comprehensive perspective on intuition, distinguishing it from mere observation. The steps to enhance one’s intuitive faculty are pragmatic and can be easily incorporated into daily routines.

  4. The practical advice on developing intuition, such as noticing patterns and testing oneself, is valuable. The suggestion to consult with a psychic for further understanding is a unique approach.

    • I agree with the practical advice given. It is essential to be patient and methodical in enhancing one’s intuitive abilities. Consulting with experienced individuals can indeed provide additional insights.

  5. While the article makes compelling arguments for intuition as a psychic gift, more scientific validation would strengthen the claims. The distinction between intuition and observational skills is well articulated.