How to Develop Your Clairaudient Gift

Clairaudient Gift

Sometimes people start hearing voices, sounds or music and they get scared because they don’t know where it comes from. These are the same people that are often seen talking to themselves often. Even though some people have a mental health illness that causes this, there are many more people that have the gift of clairaudience. This is a psychic gift that is defined as clear hearing. This gift means that you are able to hear past what your ears are hearing and hear into the spiritual world. This is a way that you can get guidance and you can grow your intuition.

Signs of Being Clairaudient

One of the easiest psychic gifts to develop is clairaudience. This can be developed as you learn to understand what your skills are and as you are able to know that you have this gift. Here are some signs that you are clairaudient:

  • Hearing Sounds

You might hear someone saying your name or you might hear music playing out of nowhere. Sometimes you can even hear animals and noises around you. This might seem scary at first but even though it might make you feel scared, the energy that comes through this gift is good. This is something that can help you to be able to hear from the spiritual world.

  • Talking to Yourself

Some people that are clairaudient talk to themselves a lot. They do this because they are getting knowledge from their spiritual guides or angels. This is not that they are having a one-sided conversation, but they are actually getting and giving information.

  • Childhood Imaginary Friends

Many people that have clair gifts often had childhood imaginary friends. These were actually spirits such as their guardian angels or their guides. They were there to communicate with them and to help them.

  • Need for Quiet Time

Needing quiet time is a sign that you might be clairaudient. This happens because when you’re always hearing voices in the spiritual realm, you will sometimes get overwhelmed. There are some people that hear these voices clearly while there are others that have to meditate to open up this hearing. The voices that you hear might become tiring and so that is why many need quiet time.

  • Sensitivities

Clairaudient people are often sensitive to things like music. This is even one of the things that are often heard in the spiritual world. This is more than them just liking how music sounds, but they are able to hear the music beyond the norm.

  • High Pitched or Ringing Noises

You can have a medical reading for there being ringing or high-pitched noises in your ears but if there isn’t a medical reason, you might be clairaudient. Some clairaudient people often report hearing buzzing, bells, things banging or tinkling around them.

  • Telepathy

One gift that often goes with clairaudience is telepathy. This is when someone can communicate with a person or an animal without talking with their voice. They use their mind to tell them things. Have you ever known what your dog wanted because you felt that you could hear them? This is a big form of clairaudience.

Developing Your Clairaudient Gift

This is a gift that means clear hearing and it is part of the fifth chakra. This is where your psychic gifts sit. By practicing different sounds, singing and other things, you can increase and develop your gift.

Another way to make your clairaudience strong is to meditate. Meditation helps you to focus on the sounds around you. You can do this while you are listening to different kinds of music and see how your gift changes and grows.

There are some games that you can play while you are meditating such as focusing on a sound that you are hearing while you are in a quiet area. See if you can find one sound and concentrate on it and then move to another sound. After all that, listen to the sounds together and see what kind of sounds they make together.

You can also ask your spiritual guides or angels to leave you a message. This can come in the form of a song, sound or even an image.

Dangers of Clairaudience

Many people are afraid of hearing things in their mind or around them, but this is a gift that isn’t a bit dangerous. You can develop this skill and if you feel that you are hearing voices that are violent or you keep hearing ringing in your ears, then it might be time to see a doctor. Always pay attention to what you are hearing and make sure that you are safe. This could just be your gift but always get checked out just in case.

Hearing people in pain or scary noises isn’t something that is strange if you have the gift of clairaudience. This could be spirits that have been through some kind of violent situation and they are coming through to tell you about it. You can learn to develop your gift to the point where you can stop your skills from coming through when you don’t want to hear it.

People that are clairaudient normally love this gift because they are able to pick up so much cool information. Don’t be afraid of this gift and do what you can to make it stronger. Develop your gift and see what happens.