When is Your Intuition Strong?


Getting a psychic reading can help you to know if you have strong intuition. The mind and your intuition are considered one and it is hard to separate these powers from each other. Intuition is known to affect the mind and the body.

Intuition is a situation where your body and mind are listening to everything around you, including a gut feeling. This can be different for different people, but it always works with the mind and the body. They keep each other balanced.

Intuition and the Mind

Intuition is part of the mind, and it is something that is right most of the time. Some will say that their intuition is only right 50% of the time but other people believe that it is more.  Intuition isn’t easy to prove because it is a feeling that people have. The times that intuition is least right is when it comes to love.

Trusting Your Intuition

Many people have a hard time trusting their intuition and so they ignore it. Then they will feel sorry that they didn’t listen because intuition is something that everyone has, and everyone is born with. This is an instinct given to people even from birth.

You might believe that listening to logic is better than listening to intuition, but the truth is that your mind and logic work with your intuition to make decisions. You have to trust your intuition and let it guide you. Don’t let your mind or your feelings hold you back but let your intuition lead you.

Don’t listen to just your intuition but learn to listen to what is going on and what is happening inside of you to make good choices.

When to Not Trust Intuition

Here are some times that you might not trust your intuition:

  • When you are falling in love.
  • When your self-esteem is low.
  • When you don’t care about what is going on around you.
  • When you are depressed or overly excited.

Intuition and Survival

Intuition is a tool that is meant to help you survive. It is a thing that can make you feel things like:

• Love
• Hate
• Pain
• Tiredness
• Needy
• Suspicious
• Stressed
• Fearful
• Anxious
• Hateful

When you just know something, this is where your intuition comes from. It operates in a moment in time and lets you know what you should do. Intuition that comes with events might take years to show up but if you trust it and you let it lead, you will see that you will have an outcome that proves your intuition right.

Being invested in your emotions and wanting to be satisfied can make you feel that your intuition is right. The problem is that you can’t always listen to your intuition when your emotions are high. If you are having an exciting day or if something has upset you, just knowing something from your intuition can prove wrong.

Making a choice that feels right and having a gut feeling is just one part of intuition and there has to be more to listening to it than just a gut feeling.

Final Thoughts

Intuition or a gut feeling doesn’t mean it’s going to always be correct. Intuition is not a magic spell or a tool that is always in control, but it works with your mind as a tool to give you direction. Listen to your tool while you are calm and while you are centered, and your intuition can guide you where you need to go.