Types of Lightworkers. Are You One?

Types of Lightworkers

Do you feel that you are a lightworker, but you aren’t quite sure what kind you are?  You can find out what kind of lightworker that you are by knowing your mission and by embracing your own personality.

Signs of Being a Lightworker

Here are some of the signs that you might be a lightworker:

  • Bringing healing.
  • Taking care of the planet.
  • Knowing when someone is unbalanced.
  • Knowing when someone needs help.
  • Helping out at homeless shelters.
  • Volunteering your time for those in need.

Wanting to Be Around Other Lightworkers

If you are a lightworker, chances are that you will not feel like you fit in with most people. You will want to be around other people that are more like you, and this means that you will have to find those around you that are similar.

You might live in a place where no one is like you, and this is just part of the physical world. Take time to look online and find others that you can connect with on a different level than you do with other people.

Loving Nature

Most lightworkers love to be out in nature. They love to be barefoot in the grass, to hug trees and to be around animals. They might even be someone that can communicate with animals. Most of the lightworkers love the planet and they want it to be healthy.


Lightworkers are positive people. Sometimes they don’t even realize that they are giving positivity to the world until someone points it out. They are people that will go to a party and will bring nothing but peace.


Another sign is that lightworkers are sensitive to the places that they go. If they go somewhere where there is a lot of drama or pain, it will overwhelm the lightworker and bring them down. Thewy want to be in peaceful places and they love to communicate with their spiritual guides wherever they are.


Lightworkers are great at healing themselves. They can also heal others after they learn to heal themselves. They will live their life to feel fulfilled and once they understand and accept their healing abilities, they will figure out who they are.

Kinds of Lightworkers

There are different kinds of lightworkers including:

  • Healers: These are people that heal animals, people, and souls. They have emotions and a mental state that make them good healers. As a healer, you have to learn to use your gifts and make sure that you heal yourself before trying to heal anyone else.
  • Gatekeepers: These are people that work with grids and with Mother Gaia. They connect people together and they work at a higher energy level.
  • Seers: Seers are lightworkers that tell the truth and they guide people to find the truth. They have strong energy, and they are often activists.
  • Messengers: These are people that are close to their spiritual guides, Ascended masters, and angels. They can give messages to others and are great at giving insight. They help people by helping them get messages that the spiritual world is giving them.
  • Newly Awakened: This is a lightworker that has just found out that they have this gift. They may have ignored it for a while but now they have gone through their awakening, and they realize it is a true gift for them.

Final Thoughts

Lightworkers are people that want to see the world become a better place. They will spread their love and kindness to everyone that they meet.