4 Ways to Heal Your Past and Create a Future

4 Ways to Heal Your Past and Create a Future

People have felt stuck in a dismal life and don’t know why. This is a dark, dangerous place because it can lead to depression, physical sickness, and even suicide. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Some can’t keep relationships, opportunities, or anything of value in their lives because they can’t let go of their past. Their past, whether it is shame, abandonment, or fear, drives them. The problem is it drives others away. That can include love, opportunity, and career advancement.

The short-term result is heartbreak. The long-term effect is withdrawal to avoid risk. That means unconsciously remaining single or, worse yet, choosing partners they can’t possibly fall in love with.

Knowing Where You Stand

Some may be asking how do you know if you are operating in the past? It’s pretty simple to find out by being honest with yourself. Are you guarded or open? Are you happy in relationships?

The thing to remember is creating a happy, loving relationship is a choice. The reason you may not be making the right choices is that you are letting your past get in the way of your future.

Mutual Vibrations Attract

Many people say opposites attract, but that doesn’t hold true on a spiritual level. The truth is low-vibration people attract other low vibration people and high-vibration people attract similarly. It proves the adage of “misery loves company” to be true. If you are down in the dumps, you are going to automatically attract those of like mind.

How to Heal Your Third Chakra

The third chakra is the one aspect that needs to be put back into balance with healing. This chakra, located at your naval, governs your power and self-esteem. It is your warrior energy and also the one most affected by your past.

There are four things to do to heal your third chakra:

  1. Realize you are good enough.

Many people, particularly those with “a past” feel they are worthy to be loved. The fact that you were created in the first place makes you worthy. You are a divine creation and were created to be eternal. That is different from a treat or even an animal. You were meant to have high vibrational energy.

  1. Establish why you are unhappy.

The initial reaction may be to define a physical reason for unhappiness. That is something like being single, at a dead-end job, living in an apartment, or the like. However, those are circumstances. They are not the reason why you are unhappy but are merely the results of your unhappiness.

If you identify the root reason for your unhappiness, you can be on your way to healing.

  1. Understand you can’t hide your past, the reactions left by it, or your root feelings.

Many people cover their feelings of shame, guilt, or lack of self-esteem with jokes, an overload of work, or even hurting other people. None of that works because you really can’t hide anything. Someone can always tell and, even worse, it doesn’t solve the problem.

  1. Have the courage to make drastic changes.

Change can be scary and making a drastic change like breaking up with someone wrong for you, changing careers or moving, is a high-risk option. Yet, this may be what it takes to jumpstart your life. Sometimes, healing your past means no longer living in it. That isn’t running away from your past. It’s running to your future. Just don’t do anything rash. Make any decision a thoughtful one.

The result of implementing these four things is to accept your past as part of who you are. It is what makes you someone different from any other person. You can learn from it, if you choose to, and pass your wisdom to others who are going through the same thing. Your past should open a door of compassion for those people so you can help them see their worth also.