Astral Travel

Astral Travel

Astral projection is when you can separate your body form your spiritual body and it can allow you to explore a different realm.  You are still in your body and you can return anytime you want to.

Some people feel that this experience is real, and that some common and effective travel requires certain techniques.  This involves being able to separate your body form your physical body and looking other places.  It isn’t something that beginners can do, and it isn’t something that is easy to learn.

It is almost like you are floating or that you are leaving your physical body using your astral body.  You can see yourself sitting or laying there and you can travel to other places in the astral planes.  It just takes practice and techniques.  There are different things you can do to get in this state.

Astral travel is sometimes called OBE or an out of body experience.  This means that you can see your body while you are outside of it.

Is This Real?

Astral projection is a lot like lucid dreaming, and it is a personal experience.  Some people believe it, and some don’t.  Lucid dreaming is real to some just like astral travel is.

Some people lucid dream nightly and others claim that they can travel out of their bodies nightly as well.

There is no real proof about these things, but you can find proof on lucid dreaming, but astral projection is harder to prove.

The nature of astral travel is that you can be in the world but out of your body at the same time.  This is different than lucid dreaming because that is where you can control your dream and explore in your mind while astral travel is out of your body.

There is no proof of astral projection being real and it is a complex subject where some believe it is just dreaming and others believe it is real.  This is one of those things that people, and communities believe in and say they can do.

This is one subject that people have to decide if they believe or not., If they follow, he techniques, they might experience astral projection and lucid dreaming.

You can then decide if you believe it is real or not.

Techniques for Beginners

Astral projection can start with a beginner if they are in a relaxed area.  They need to sit down or lay down and be comfortable.

Breathing:  Control the breathing and take deep breaths and if you start to feel strange, you will notice your body might feel numb and that your body is relaxed and breathing easily.  Focus on clearing your mind and controlling how you are breathing.

Do this for 20 minutes and then be aware that you don’t get too excited.

Vibrational Stage:  When you get to this stage, it means that you can shift out of your consciousness into vibrational frequencies.  This is new to some people and some have never seen it.  You are here if your body:

  • Begins to vibrate.
  • Don’t be afraid.
  • Stay focused
  • Let them pass over you.
  • Stay still.
  • Don’t think about it.

Once these settles, you can exercise your willpower.  There are different ways to do this.

Visualize:  Pay attention to images that are going in and out of your mind but do not move.  Focus on how you feel and watch your hand move.

Imagine your hand moving up slowly and try to see it while keeping your eyes closed.  Focus on how you are breathing.  Once you start moving, imagine reaching out for a rope.

When you find that this works, focus on what you see.

Rise:  You will then be drawn to leave your body.  Practice this and you can do it as many times as you need to and practice as much as you need to.  Once you leave your body, you are free to go wherever you want and try different things.  Try to touch books on your bookshelf and then return to your body. All of this takes time.


If you wonder of astral travel is dangerous, the answer is no.  There are different horror stories that make it seem dangerous, but it really is not.  You are not snatched up by demons or stuck in another world.

Some people can feel trapped, but in lucid dreaming they can have sleep paralysis.  This is where you feel that you cannot move.  It is the same thing.

There is always a cord that is attached to the physical body and it can’t be broken.  Some feel that it is dangerous because there are risks such as not being able to get back to their body.

It is important to only try this when you have read up on it and know what you are doing.  If it makes you uncomfortable, then don’t do it.  If you worry that it is dangerous, don’t do it.

It had to be mentioned that lucid dreaming is similar to this and if you are interested in one you will probably be interested in the other.

More Tips

You can learn more about astral travel by reading articles from people that have experienced it.  Look at blogs and other websites to figure it out.


There are some tools that can help you such as brainwaves that are proven to help you sleep better and to relax.  You can also learn the basics on advanced techniques online.

Find a store that sells quality products and look online to see if there are anything’s that can help you to relax more and get into a deeper sleep.