Developing Your Intuition

Developing Your Intuition

When you want to develop your intuition, there are many ways that you can do it. Some people will write down what comes to their mind while others will meditate or journal.

When life is full of changes, you might want to increase your intuition so that you can make better choices and be more conscious aware.

How do you know things? The thing with intuition is that things come to your mind in signals or feelings and this will help you to know what kind of decision you should make. Intuition is often called a gut feelings and can lead you the way that you need to go.

Everyone has intuition but not everyone listens to it or learns to pick up the signals or the patterns.

Some believe that intuition is part of the things that your brain stores and receives the information so that you can know what decisions and what potential you have inside of you.

Intuition is important because it gives you power to hold over your behaviors and what you do. When you have good intuition, you are better able to make decisions that can help you to be stronger and help you to have the courage to do what you should do.

Here are some things intuition can do for you:

  • Help get rid of stress.
  • Show you how to handle problems.
  • Understand the energy around you.
  • Keep you safe when you are in danger.
  • Boost your creativity.
  • Help you have strong imaginations.
  • Helps your mind make decisions.
  • Gives you a clear purpose in your life.
  • Allows you to be more open to new ideas and things.
  • Helps you to tune into your relationships.
  • Helps to improve your relationships.
  • Gives you confidence
  • Helps you feel like your own person.

People that are very sensitive like empaths have intuition that is very developed. If you think that intuition is not for you, you are wrong, and you can develop this and make yourself stronger.

One thing that intuition does is helps you to make decisions in your mind, body, and soul and the more you practice it the stronger you will be. You can see things in patterns, symbols, and signs and the more you understand it the better you are.

You can spend time making your intuition better and this can help you in your life, career, relationship and help you find happiness in your life.

When you use your intuition, it gives you power to be the best you can be.

Ways to Develop your Intuition

Here are some ways you can increase your intuition and grow:


You can start writing things down that come to you. If you have a feeling, write it down or just write down whatever comes to you.

When you write down what you are thinking, you can go back and read it later and get more information.


Learn to meditate and quiet your mind. Do this every day for just a few minutes and you can increase your intuition. This can give you insight and allow you to stay calm when your days are hard.

Pay attention to any moments that stand out to you.


Dreams are part of your minds way of giving you information and helping you through problems. If you have stress and are dealing with strong feelings, listen to what you get in your dreams.

Some dreams are symbolic and bring deep messages to you. There are some symbols that will keep coming to you and pay attention to them.


Find things you are good at such as drawing or painting and spend time letting your creativity flow. This can help you to get rid of stress and help you to have new insights and ideas.

Use writing, music, art, and other things that you are good at to release your energy.


Go outside and walk or run. This can help you to get rid of stress and to have peace in your life.  Get away from your daily schedule and go outside.


Take a bath to wash away the negativity out of your life. You can think while you are bathing and have quiet time. This can also help you to feel better.


Pay attention when a feeling comes to you that is strong.

Never ignore these feelings and ask yourself what the world is telling you. You may not get an answer right away but if you learn to concentrate on these things then you will see why later.


Pay attention to what your body is reacting to and how your body is responding. If you have a gut feeling, be clear and listen to it.

Your body will tell you if you have a sickness what is wrong and what you need to do. You just need to listen.

Take a Vacation

Take time to go on a vacation and have time to disconnect from your everyday life. Find a place to go that lets you be in nature such as the beach or camping.

Listen to the sounds around you and allow your mind to give you moments that you concentrate on.


Think about things in your life where you had hunches, but you ignored it. Pay attention to this as being your intuition and learn from these things.

Learn to pay attention to hunches and not ignore them.


Do something that takes repetition such as chopping vegetables or knitting a quilt. This does not require you to think and can be an activity that allows your mind to wander about other things.

Listen to what you hear and ask yourself questions while you do this activity.

Fighting It

When you get information, do not fight it. Some people do not trust their intuition and if you choose to not listen you will miss it.

Practice listening and pay attention to what you hear. If you get positive thoughts, write them down and act on what you hear.

Blind Reading

Get some index cards and write down things you are having a hard time with. Write down what kind of solution would work. Put them on the table next to each other.

Grab a card and see what kind of feeling you get from the card. Flip it over and see what the solution is. Do this different times and see what you get?


Go on a drive and get away. This can allow you to think things through and allow you to be directed to a certain path. Go whichever way your car leads you and see what your intuition tells you.


Think about what someone that was mentoring you would say. Think about the conversation that you would have with them.

Imagine yourself sitting down with your mentor and talking to them. Who is this person that you trust? What do they want to say to you? What questions are you going to ask?

Think about what you will say and how the conversation will go. Listen to what your voice is telling you at this time.

Prepare for Sleep

Before you go to bed tell your mind what kind of problem you are having and ask it to help you while you sleep. Remind yourself in the morning what you experienced.


Learn to anticipate the outcomes when you are struggling with something. Imagine something good coming from your anticipation. Write down what you want to happen in your journal.

Practice the possible outcomes in your mind and see how they turn out.

Carry a Notebook

Buy a notebook that you can carry around so you can take notes. When you have intuition show up, write it down and what it made you feel. You can come back and read these later so you can remember it.

Fear and Wishes

Do not think that intuition is your fear or something you want to happen. Intuition is its own thing and it is a hunch or feeling you will have.

Some decisions will make us afraid and intuition gives you a deeper knowing and not fear.

Use your intuition with your mind to make the best choices in your life.


Intuition is something that is powerful and can help you. Do not refuse your ability and become a thinking and a listener.