Do You Have Psychic Gifts?

Psychic Gifts

Do you ever wonder if you are psychic? Do you feel like you have a gut feeling on something and then it often comes true? When you ask the question, “Am I psychic?” it is important to know that the universe will help you to figure out if you have a gift.

Understanding Psychics

A psychic is someone that can get information into the spiritual world about the life of someone else. They might be able to give information and do a reading that will give that person answers. The psychic will use different tools of divination to help them such as a crystal ball or a pendulum. This will help them but by having intuition, they can already know.

Psychic Medium

A psychic medium is able to speak to spirits in the spiritual world. They are able to talk to things that are not in a body. These people are also able to reach out to their guides, dead loved ones, friends, ancestors or even their Ascended Masters.

If you wonder if you are a psychic and a medium then you can be both. Not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychics. If you are new to your gift, then you might need to develop it.

Can All People Be Psychic?

Being psychic means that you are able to use a sixth sense to know things without there being anyone to tell you. This can happen by a feeling or just be a sense. Being a psychic means that you are drawn to your abilities, and you are able to know things.

Some people are better at using their psychic gifts than other people. Some are more creative than others and some are not creative at all but are good at using their gifts. Other people need to develop their gifts in order to really use them.

Developing your psychic gifts mean that you are growing and that you are training yourself to change and to be who you want to be. You must learn to be patient and to allow the universe to help you.

Types of Psychics

There are different types of psychic gifts and senses including:


Clairvoyance is a psychic gift that means clear seeing. This mean that you get information into the spiritual world, and it can come as visions. This happens with an open third eye.


Clairsentience means clear feeling. This is when you can get a feeling about someone and know them by whatever is going on in your body.


Clairaudience means clear hearing. This is a rare gift, but you can hear into the spiritual world and get information that can help you. This can come through words or even through music.

Signs of Being a Psychic

Here are some signs that you might be a psychic:

  • You go in public places, and you feel overwhelmed.
  • You see images in your mind.
  • When you meditate you get dreams or signs.
  • You hear voices in your head or in your mind. You might need to talk to someone to help guide you.
  • It can be hard when you are meditating because it can keep you up for a long time and your energy can draw in visions and signs.
  • You have vivid dreams that come to you. These dreams can bring guidance or make you think critically.
  • You have synchronicities that happen to you often.
  • You look at symbols and signs to guide you.
  • You use tools of divination such as crystal balls or pendulums.
  • You have experienced déjà vu often.
  • There are times that you can predict into the future.

Being psychic doesn’t mean that you just predict into the future. You might see events that will happen into the future but there is much more that happens besides seeing into the future.

What Makes People Aware of Their Gifts?

Here are some ways you can be aware of your gifts:

  • After having a psychic reading. You see that there are skills that you can develop.
  • You lose someone that you love, and you dream of them.
  • You are meditating regularly or doing intense meditation.
  • Energy healing is part of your healthy habits.
  • You use drugs to open up your psychic experiences.

Using drugs or other substances can cause you to miss out on your spiritual and energy growth. You need to be of clear mind so that when something comes to you that you are able to know what to expect and what to do with the information. You should never try and use drugs to bring about spirits.

What If You Are Psychic?

People that are psychic often have a hard time with relationships and with their emotions. You need to develop your skills and learn to experience new things. You can talk to a psychic and figure out how to develop the gifts that you have now or find out if there are hidden gifts that you might not know about.