Energy clearing for spaces

Energy clearing for spaces

Take lessons on how to clear the vitality of your residents so that your happiness, health, and prosperity can be supported by it

I have received messages over the past years from energetically sensitive individuals informing me that the negative energies in their homes are affecting them.

And several of these individuals are discovering that the usual ways of clearing negative energies from their homes aren’t working as expected.

They include the following methods:

  • Sage or incense burning
  • Using Tibetan singing bowls or cymbals sounds to clear energy.
  • Using crystals or sea salt
  • Tidying the space physically

 Below are the problems that come with the techniques above when used on their own:

  1. Distinct types of energetic pollution that affect our spaces are unlikely to be cleared by the techniques above.
  2. They are unable to protect your residents from negative energies.

The well-known negative energies that can affect our residents and what you’ll need to clear

  1. Earthbound spirits

These are dis-incarnate souls. Meaning they once walked our planet but due to unavoidable circumstances they did not fully cross over after death leaving parts of their bodies behind on the earth plane.

Earthbound spirits usually do not want to cross to another side for some reason and due to this, they link up with bad energies such as “stuckness”, unhappiness, fearfulness, and pain.

They are mainly found in public places that experience a lot of pain and sadness such as cemeteries, hospitals, funerals, and police stations.

Some earthbound spirits end up attached to our homes because one time they used to occupy that space or visit it.

Below are indications that there is an earthbound spirit hanging around your home or attached to it;

  • You can see things moving in the corner of your eye.
  • Your kids or pets fear a particular corner in the house.
  • Your kids often experience nightmares.
  • You feel like someone is watching you.

This will teach you how to clear this well-known type of spirit.

  1. Poltergeists

These are also earthbound spirits who have the power of making noise, interfering with electrical equipment, creating disturbances and generally move physical matter.

They are usually earthbound spirits who have been bounded for a long time.

Below are some indications that poltergeist is present in your space:

You hear footsteps but can’t tell where they are coming from.

Doors are opening and closing on their own without the presence of the wind.

Furniture moving on its on.

Electric appliances switching on and off on their own.

  1. Residual Hauntings

These are vitalities of past events that are imprinted onto a place. They are usually a mixture of the vitalities of trauma, grief, and regrets.

They are made by individuals who have been haunted by a bad sense of suffering at one given time. They are frequently made by murders, suicide attempts or some incidences where individuals undergo intense suffering such as mental illness, grief, and other similar traumas.

They are far much different from earthbound spirit hauntings. They both look alike because they manifest as a spirit.

It’s important to clear them from our homes since they are linked with heavy emotional energies.

  1. Emotional Residues

These are energetic remains of feelings left behind by someone who encountered them sometime.

They can be left behind by an individual who encounters trauma in the resident or something from an ongoing incident such as somebody suffering from a chronically negative emotional state.

They are very different from residual hauntings because they don’t manifest as a spirit. They can be picked by empaths since they are just negative emotional remains.

  1. Outdated use of land or space

Negative energies come from energetic debris but not all of them. At times our homes may not feel right because the land they were built on was once allocated for a specific use which is not the same as the current.