Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception

Extrasensory perception has to do with another sense that we have, and the ability to know information without using our senses to know it.

There are different types of EPS and we will cover them here:


Precognition is when you can see in the future.  This is one of the questionable ESP because it is something that is hard to explain scientifically.  Some scientists have done some experiments on the mind and they have found that some people can predict the future and see this really come true.


Retrocognition is when you can see in the past without knowing the situation.  People could talk about what someone experienced in the 1800’s.


This is when you can see something happening in others or get knowledge without having knowledge.  This can happen during meditation.


Telepathy is when you can communicate with others just by using your mind.


Clairsentience is when you get feelings about something without having any information.  Some people are able to know when there are emotions from a loved one or even an animal.


Clairaudient is when you are able to get information through the environment. You can hear things without actually hearing them and know what is going on.


Clairalience is when you can smell things that other people are not able to smell.  These smells come from spirits.


Mediums is when you can communicate to spirits that are dead.  You can use different gifts to get information about them.


Another form of ESP is when you can taste things without actually putting things in your mouth.

Do You Have These Gifts?

Sometimes, people are able to use ESP in order to get different energies around them.  Some people do not know about these powers and they are unable to improve them and to work on making them stronger.

In order to do that, you must practice these gifts and believe in them.  You can test your own ESP abilities by trying to predict the next song that is coming up on the radio.