Finding Out if You Are Clairaudient


Are you someone that hears noises when no one else is around? Maybe you think you hear someone calling your name or you hear someone saying something. If you do, chances are that you are a clairaudient. This means that you are able to hear from the spirit guides and get messages from them. This can also mean that you are able to hear people from the spirit world talking to you.

Even though some people suffer from mental illnesses, and they hear voices in their head, there is a difference between a mental illness and being clairaudient.


When you are able to hear messages from the spirit world, this means you are clairaudient. This can be something that comes from inside of your head or it can be something that you hear in the physical or outside of your mind.

Having this gifting is considered a psychic gift. This means that you are given one of the five clair gifts. Clairvoyance is one of the clair gifts where you can hear things and you can get messages from the spirit world. Some people that have this gift are able to see visions and are able to feel things.

The powers of being able to hear things can be very powerful. You might be able to hear voices that are familiar to you such as a friend or a loved one that has died and went to their next life. This can be a noise that doesn’t sound like a human being but that it is a sound from beyond.

Some clairaudients have dreams where they are able to talk to the spirit world while they are sleeping. A person that gets these messages get them for a purpose and they are their to guide them when things can be hard.

There are different signs of being clairaudient and this can change depending on how you get your messages. A person that gets messages from the spirit world often hear them in different ways. Here are some ways you can know if you are clairaudient:

  • Hearing voices inside or outside of your head.
  • You hear someone walking when no one is there.
  • You can hear ringing in your ears.
  • You talk to yourself, but you are talking to someone internally.
  • Se are able to see visions or hear noises outside of your life.
  • You are inspired by things, and you are very creative without thinking about it.
  • You might be someone that is very sensitive.
  • You day dream a lot.

Difference Between Mental Illnesses and Clairaudience

You need to know that hearing voices can be a sign of being clairaudient, but it can also be a sign of a mental illness. If you are full of stress and problems in your life and you have voices, you might have a mental illness.

If you feel confused and scared by the things you hear, you need to talk to a doctor and see if the voices are part of a mental illness.

People that are clairaudient are able to keep in control when they hear voices, and they are not frightened. They are able to get messages and signs and to be sensitive to them.

What Can Clairaudient People Do?

Someone that is clairaudient is able to do many different things. This can depend on how developed their giftings are.

What Kind of Help Can Clairaudient People Give?

A clairaudient is a psychic, and they can use your energy to be able to tell you things. They can ask the guides questions and get answers for you, or they can listen to sounds to find out what you need to know.

Someone that is a psychic clairaudient can help you to know what you need to do in your life. They can have conversations with the spirit world that many people cannot have.

Some are able to sometimes talk to dead loved ones to bring closure to people that need that in their life.

What Questions to Ask a Clairaudient Psychic?

There are clairaudient people that are there to help you when you are dealing with someone hard or when you need to make a decision in your life. If you are dealing with a decision where you may need to change, you can talk to this kind of psychic to help you.

When you have things that are happening to you that are not seen such as something is holding you back, you can talk to a clairaudient to find out what is going on.

If you wonder what a phrase means or you have a question, ask a clairaudient psychic to help you.

Where to Find a Clairaudient Psychic?

You can look online to find a clairaudient psychic that has skills you need to get the guidance that you need about things. Make sure that you find one that has great ratings and that you pay attention to make sure that you are finding a real psychic.

Great Sites for Finding Psychics

Here are some of the best sites for finding a good clairaudient psychic:

  • com is a place that has been in business for over 20 years. You can talk to more than 40 different clairaudient psychics on this site. They specialize in love, jobs and more.
  • com is another site that can do phone readings and there are dozens of different kinds of psychics on this site. They can give you discounted packages and have years and years of experience.
  • com is a great place to connect with psychics that can chat with you or do video readings. They will give you free minutes when you buy a package, and they offer many different psychics that you can talk to.


When you want to know if you are clairaudient, you can look at the signs and find out what fits your life. If you start to think you might be a psychic, you can develop your gifts but make sure that you do not have a mental illness and that you are sure you are clairaudient.

You may want to talk to a psychic to get insight in your life and to see what kind of giftings that you really have.