Fire, Wood, Earth, Water and Metal

Fire, Wood, Earth, Water and Metal

According to Chinese astrology, the five elements of fire, wood, earth, water and metal are very important. These elements can be used for you to understand your personality and other things. Each of these elements are ruled by different planets including Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Mercury. And, on top of that, there are 12 zodiac Chinese signs that work with these elements.

The elements are there to help each other and to help you and they work with the natural law. Each of these elements can beat the other ones such as earth beats water, wood beats earth, fire beats metal, metal beats wood and water beats fire. This shows you that all of the elements work together in some ways but are influenced by all of the different elements together.


The fire personality is one that is confident in what they do and are often seen as aggressive. They love to be on adventures and make amazing leaders. They like to stay busy, and they will do this by going out and trying new things.

They are very smart, and they are dominating and sometimes even manipulative. They are easily motivated but they will do better when people stress them. They want to help others if there is a good cause and they will go out of their way to reach these goals, sometimes being overly aggressive to get there.

This kind of personality is sometimes selfish, and they are impatient. They are also impulsive in what they do.

Characteristics of Fire Element

Here are some characteristics of people with the fire element:

  • Personality: Hot and exciting.
  • Shape: Triangle
  • Color: Purple, red, blue, pink and orange.
  • Image: Phoenix
  • Direction: South


People with this personality are strong and they are sensitive. They are sometimes overly sensitive, and it makes them vulnerable. They will put good before their talents, and they work honestly in business.

They are giving and loving, and they are often popular. They are confident in what they do and have great moral standards. They like people that are honest and those that are fun to be around, and they are interesting.

Their thinking helps them to be good at administrative things and they love to grow and learn new things. They are not selfish, and they share their value with others. When they need support, they will ask others or work harder because they believe in the business system.

This personality works hard and will overwork themselves. They are often stressed because they work harder than they need to.

Characteristics of Wood Element

Here are some characteristics of people with the wood element:

  • Personality: Kind
  • Shape: Rectangle.
  • Color: Light blue or green.
  • Image: Dragon.
  • Direction: Southeast and east.


Water is an element that is part of your personality. If you are sensitive and have strong intuition or if you are overly sensitive, you might have the water element. These people are very skilled in their relationships.

People with this element in their personality are normally good at communicating with others and they are able to argue their points and to be consistent in how they handle others. This element knows that they can influence others and they also know how to listen to their intuition to let it guide them.

They know that they are talented, and they know when they meet someone else that is talented. They make good leaders, and they work well on teams. They appreciate the work that other people put in and they are very supportive.

Characteristics of Water Element

Here are some characteristics of people with the water element:

  • Personality: Liberal and smart.
  • Shape: Wavy.
  • Color: Purple, blue and black.
  • Image: Tortoise
  • Direction: North


This is a person that is serious and logical. They look at things and they are able to make good decisions just pay using their thoughts and logic. They are smart and can work out any kind of problem. They know what kind of resources to get to have a better life.

They are great at planning things and make great administrators. They work well in financial situations, and they are reasonable and disciplined.

Characteristics of Earth Element

Here are some characteristics of people with the Earth element:

  • Personality: Trustworthy, stubborn.
  • Shape: Square.
  • Color: Brown, beige and yellow.
  • Image: Emperor
  • Direction: Northeast and Southwest.


A person with this personality is very strong and they want to be successful. They will do what it takes to keep them going and will stay determined. They are objective and even if they fail, they get up and do it again.

They are sometimes stubborn and hard to geta long with because they need to solve all of the problems. They will look at their destinies and they will never give up. They sometimes are impulsive, and they do things people don’t like. They are luxurious and powerful.

Characteristics of Metal Element

Here are some characteristics of people with the metal element:

  • Personality: Good and sharp.
  • Shape: Oval or circle.
  • Color: Silver, gold and white.
  • Image: Tiger.
  • Direction: Northwest and West