Grounding to Reach Your Higher Self

Reach Your Higher Self

When you ground yourself, it is getting rid of unwanted energies. Grounding helps you to have your energy as a positive energy and this can help you to be calm and peaceful. Grounding can also help you to have mental clarity and to find the purpose in your life.

When you are grounded it means that you are surrounded by the energy of the earth. The energy in your soul and the energy in your body will work together to connect to the earth. The vibrations that you have will open up when you are grounded and it will help to make your chakras stronger. There are seven chakras in your body and these work to keep the mind, body, and soul healthy. Your Qi or your life force is important to bring you freedom in your emotions and in your physical being.

The world around you shows you that energy is real and even though it is real it is hard to explain. The core of the Earth has electrical currents and this improves and increases the energy that you have.


Energy shows itself in things you do in your life such as static electricity or even friction that you create when you are walking on the carpet. When you touch a person or an object you might get a small bit of zapping effect which happens because the electricity is leaving your body.

Grounding yourself in scientific forms means that you are sending the energy that is building up from the earth to the ground instead of through your body. Even your homes are grounded because this helps them to keep your home safe from electricity.

Living Beings

We are living beings and we are full of energy. Our bodies have a direct energy pattern. Your body is made up mostly of water and it is a conductor of electricity. The surface of the earth helps you to have energy and the systems that are in your body help you to stay healthy and strong. Since energy is part of everything in your body it is your life force. This makes all of your sells work and once you are connected, you can release this energy into the earth.

Ancestral Grounding

It was easier for your ancestors to ground themselves because there weren’t things to block the energy from being grounded. They knew that there was a system and they would use their whole body as tradition to ground themselves. They knew that energy hard to be exchanged.

It was important for them to transfer the energy so that they could keep their organs strong and their heart and brain working correctly. When your body gets energy form the earth, it heals and cleanses the body.

Health Benefits of Grounding

Grounding has many health benefits, and it can help your brain. It can also regulate your hormones and your endocrine system. It can get rid of stress, increase your mood, get rid of tiredness, help you to sleep, decrease pain and keep heart disease away.

The electrons of the earth are like antioxidants to the body, and they can help to reduce inflammation and to keep your blood circulating correctly. Grounding can even get rid of pain, help with muscles soreness and tissue damage.

When to Ground

People don’t get grounded nearly as much as they used to and people seem to be sicker than they were in the past. This happens because the energy isn’t flowing smoothly.

Being grounding means that you are able to look at different techniques from acupuncture do meridian lines and to see the energy flow the way that it should. The Qi energy will flow upward, and it can start at the bottom of your feet. This happens when you walk barefoot in nature, and you let the energy flow from your feet to your head.

When You Are Ungrounded

You can tell when you are not grounded when you are having a hard time focusing, feeling spacy, having a hard time learning and focusing, feeling disconnected, lacking energy, feeling disharmonized, having negativity, feeling unsupported or left alone, having strong or intense emotions and having a weak and vulnerable aura.

Why Grounding is Great

Being grounded helps you especially if you are very sensitive. When you aren’t grounded the energies cannot be discharged and this can cause you to have a bad mood or an unhealthy body. Grounding helps you to have good energy and will help you to even increase your psychic gifts.

You will see when you are grounded that you know your life purpose and that you are able to understand things better. You will see that your body stays calm and that you have less stress and anxiety. Your emotions will be in check and you will feel in control of what is going on around you.

Grounding can help you to see that there is a universal area of energy, and this means that you are present in the moment and you are feeling the world around you. When you use your senses and your emotions to be grounded, you can be aware of what is happening around you. You can start seeing things clearly, smelling things better, feeling things smoother and hearing things around you louder. You will be awake and fully aware.

Once you do this you will see that your body is paying attention to your breathing and is doing healthy things to help to calm your body. Your nervous system will be calm, and you will be more connected to your inner self.

Grounding with Nature

Nature can help you to be grounded by bringing your vibrations to the same frequency as the earth. This means that you will have an energy system that supports you and that you will be able to get rid of extra energy that you don’t need.

Try to go out in the garden or play in the soil. This will help you to connect to the earth and will increase your awareness. You can even eat foods that you plant such as ginger, radishes, beets, carrots and more. This will help to ground you.

Go out and hug a tree or walk barefoot in the grass. Touch a plant and connect to the energies form the earth. Doing this will revive your energy. You can carry stones or crystals with you, and this will help you to feel connected.

Some people will even carry spoons that are made of steel. Rub your feet with metal so that you can increase the iron in your blood. This will pull energy to you feet. Some people will tap their cheek bones to get the energy to move through their body while others will discharge extra energy by stretching and opening up their meridian lines in their legs, feet, arms and hands.

Closing Your Eyes

Take time to close your eyes and to really concentrate on your energy. Do you feel grounded? Imagine a tree growing around you and the roots going up through your feet. Let the energy of the roots fill your body. Let this energy go from your feet to your head.

The roots of the energy will take the excess energy from your body back to the earth and your body will be full of charge. The deep roots will bring energy from your feet and will fill and expand you and all of your cells. You will feel the power and this will keep you at peace and keep you calm.