Hone Your Intuition Skills Today

Hone Your Intuition Skills Today

Psychic abilities are rooted to harnessing the four main forms our intuition uses to dialogue with us, known by the spiritual collective as the “four clairs”: clairaudience (hearing messages), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (intrinsic sense of feeling), and claircognizance (profound and unwavering sense of knowing).

Although some individuals might be inherently drawn towards one of the four clairs, everyone has the ability to hone their intuition and experiment with new ways. Explore the following descriptions to discover which clairs your intuition favors, and avenues to strengthen all four.


Clairaudient messages may appear as voices, songs, sounds or sayings in the recesses of your mind.  Messages always serve to help and never torment you (unlike noises heard by people with certain medical conditions like psychological imbalances, severe hormone irregularities, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies).  Tones frequently appear in a manner that is pleasing, calming, uplifting and devoid of ego.

Messages received clairaudiently could be direct, giving clear-cut guidance.  Other times they could be more abstract like a song or noise, but your inner wisdom will recognize a hidden meaning that you must explore to gain clarification, such as hearing a song about a father could signal you to address unresolved “daddy issues” or a need to contact your father

Clairaudience may offer short messages, sometimes as short as a single word or number.  Receiving a message about a number could mean you need to address an issue that occurred during that age or  helps identify a location of importance.  A name could pertain to a desired career change, hobby to explore, place to vacation or person of importance.  Other times messages can be poetic which helps ignite the light of creativity or passion.

Clairaudience tips:  Clairaudience may hear their name or a sudden sound that focus them to redirect their attention, especially after interfacing with another intuitive individuals.  This is because focusing on intuition increases one’s own receptivity to intuition and spiritual messages.  The more one explores clairaudience the more they tap into their full psychic potential.


The term “clairvoyant” is most often associated with the label “psychic.”  This is a great disservice as clairvoyance is merely one of a range of clairs a psychic may uses.  Clairvoyant messages can be as simple as single image, or more complex like a scene, or even an abstract metaphor.  A clairvoyant seeing a scene of drowning or carrying a heavy rucksack, could signal a person is overwhelmed.  Picturing a school of fish swimming by a fishing line may signal a person is seeking a new business or romantic partnership.  This last example becomes even more powerful if you see a large fish approaching the line in the midst of all the smaller bait fish.  Messages can also be a bit more nuanced like seeing a number or color, which may give someone needed direction like finding their dream house or how many children they will have.

Clairvoyance tips: Pay special care to images that arise suddenly—they may be intuitive messages. This could signal an issue that you haven’t been addressing currently but once worked on may lead to success and an abundance of new opportunities for you.


Clairsentient messages are received as a persistent feeling.  Despite a culture focus on clairvoyance, clairsentience is actually the most common of the four clairs.  Common forms of clairsentience are gut feelings, an ability to interpret the thoughts or emotions of another person, and processing the collective energy of a gathering of people.  You might be gifted in clairsentience if you get a sense of person’s mindset or direction of a conversation before receiving a phone call from them.  If you encounter someone with medical issues, a clairsentient may feel them deep in their own body, for instance if the friend you are meeting has a stomach ailment, you might have felt nauseous a few hours prior to getting together.  Similarly, a clairsentient reader might experience a blockage in their heart chakra is their client is dealing with processing a break-up or death of a close friend

Clairsentience tips:  Consider journaling or drawing the message the next time you get a strong psychic sensation.  Quickly, you will notice just how many clairsentient messages the Universe is sending you and how you successful you have been in interpreting these signs.  The more you recognize these messages, the more you will notice them being sent to you.  Your journal and drawings will always help you hone your skills so you can more learn about your strengths and limitations so you can work to gain more accurate interpretations.


Have you ever met someone or entered a new environment and just knew key details?  For example, your new boss might be shaped by the death of their parent at a young age or how the building your best friend is hosting a party at has a secret room.  If this resonates with you, it might be because you have skills in claircognizance.  People with gifts in this psychic ability receive a sudden flood of data into their intuition from the Divine.  The trick is then to understand this knowledge and best ways to disseminate this information in a way that another person can be most receptive towards.

Claircognizance tips:  The next time you are at a crossroads in your life, take a pause and breathe.  With your mind’s voice, ask your intuition send you direction via claircognizance.  Feel a sense of peace wash over you knowing that your inner wisdom is always there to aid you, and may provide you with some crucial and often creative insight.

Intuition is a blessing that we all benefit from.  Feel confident and reinvigorated by exploring your dominant and secondary psychic abilities.  Become more aware of your skills and experience with ways you can strengthen all of the clairs to help give you more powerful results.  They are truly a gift that will help to benefit both your life and all those of those that you encounter.