How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Sometimes you might get the feeling that the phone is going to ring and when it does, maybe you are able to guess who is calling. There might be a song that you have been humming all day and then you turn on the radio and the song is playing. If you are overwhelmed that someone you love is in trouble, you want to help them as soon as you can.

These things happen and they are not happening by accident. When you tap into the universe and you share your consciousness or your super consciousness then it will help you to connect to those things around you that are living.

This is not just a concept, but it is when you start growing and when you see things such as Extrasensory Perception or ESP and realize it is real.

Developing ESP

Some people that have studied ESP realize that not all people have the same degree of ESP. Some believe ESP is linked to musical talent and others believe it is just a natural gift. When someone can play and compose music without notes or music, chances are they are following some type of ESP. Everyone can learn to play, of course, but some people are gifted with psychic giftings.

Knowing Your Abilities

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you acknowledge that you have ESP. You need to let it develop and you can do this by telling yourself that you are a psychic.

If you are always down on yourself and you are always upset with who you are, you are taking a risk at losing your psychic giftings. You can develop your psychic giftings just like you can memorize things and make changes in your life.

Learn to change your thinking and the way that your brain process things. It takes time for your mind to communicate with your body and so you can learn to do this so you can develop your gift.

If you want to know something, read about that subject, and learn to know more things. Learn to understand how things work. Take up a new hobby and become involved in things that you are interested in. If you want more information, read more books, and look online.


Practice using your ESP and your abilities. It might be hard to measure how far you have gotten but the key is to not be frustrated or to give up.

Do not be upset and stop doing what is important for you. Learn to set realistic goals. Practice for a few days and then try to predict things such as who is calling or what someone is thinking. Learn to recognize your ESP.

Developing ESP

There are ways that you can exercise developing your ESP and here are some ways:


Scanning is when you stand across from someone that you have not met before. You look at each other and take a moment to relax and stay calm. Imagine ab all of light going over the person. Imagine what you are seeing.


You can write down predictions in your journal and see what comes true the next day. Close your eyes and concentrate on what you think will happen. Pay attention to things you see such as colors or sensations that you feel.


Take some ESP tests online. Take them a few times each day and see if you are successful in passing them.

Are You Successful?

After you practice for a few days and meditate, experiment to see if your powers have increased. Through your practice, see if you are predicting things and they are happening.

Keep a journal of what you experience and write down the results in your notebook. This will allow you to go back and see how well you have done.

See how many times you were successful and how many times you failed and see if it is just a coincidence or if you have a gifting.