How to Do a Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal Ball Reading

When you think of a crystal ball, chances are you think of a gypsy that is in the movies that is wearing gold jewelry and a cap that will tell the future.

There are people that often claim to be psychics that use the crystal ball as a prop to make others think that they are real, but the truth is that a crystal ball has been a tool of divination for many years.

Looking into the ball and being able to tell the future is called scrying. This is a gif that psychics have, and they are able to see images and visions through the ball and then they take the information and interpret it to people so that they can make good decisions.

The thing about this is that they take times to look at the lives of people, their careers, relationships, finances, and all other things. The scrying techniques are used to help get the information that they need from the ball.

Looking into a crystal ball is also called crystallomancy and gazing.

What Does a Crystal Ball Reading Look Like?

Crystal balls do not have the answers of what people need and even though you see things like this on the movies, the ball does not give images that everyone can see.

The truth is that a psychic will go into a trance and will be able to see the image or see symbols that they are able to give information on.

A psychic will never see a picture come into the ball. The ball can be used when meditating to help give the psychic more insight.

Types of Crystal Balls

Crystal balls come in different types including:

  • Glass
  • Crystals
  • Natural Quartz

These balls will have different flaws, and this can be cracks, broken parts or even clouds. These things can help the psychic to connect with the ball and can help them with what they see.

There are different kinds of crystal balls that are made special for psychics depending on what they need when they do their work.

A rose quartz crystal ball will help psychics that are trying to help heal someone and their emotions. This ball is made of that kind of crystal and can help to make them stronger.

The smoky quartz crystal ball can help the psychic to ground themselves from energies and powers that are strong and negative.

An amethyst crystal ball will help to bring energy and to help the psychic interpreting dreams.

The malachite ball can help those to be able to reach those that have passed on or to help the psychic be able to look into the past life of the person they are doing the reading for.

Other crystal balls can be made out of things such as:

  • Topaz
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Fluorite
  • Black Obsidian
  • Citrine

People often find crystal balls to be mysterious, but the truth is that they are there to help the psychic to be able to concentrate on their reading and what they are doing in their life.