How to Know if You are a Lightworker

Know if You are a Lightworker

Lightworkers are people that have been given special powers from the universe in order to bring balance and peace to the earth. They are people that have a higher level of consciousness than others.

The souls of the lightworker are there to help to care for the world and to make sure that people are healed.

Lightworkers heal people differently and some are psychics while others are just there to teach people about their spirituality.

A lightworker will come into the earth and they often have to face struggles and fears so that they can figure out what their purpose is.

When a lightworker is on a healing journey, they discover who they are, and they have to learn to allow their flame to shine.

This can be a hard thing for lightworkers because once they forget their calling, they have a hard time figuring out who they are. The calling for a lightworker will be different depending on who they are but they can find their shadow light.

What Does a Lightworker Do

A lightworker will have to learn to take their energy and use it to show love without being afraid. They can do this by:

  • Becoming enlightened.
  • Helping to heal others.
  • Using their energy to hold on to space.

Lightworkers are there to help control things such as negative thoughts and feelings and then to share their ability to make people around them happy and free.

Lightworkers have many good qualities such as:

  • Being sensitive.
  • Being loving.
  • Being sensitive to energies.
  • Being a medium.

When Does a Lightworker Come?

A lightworker will come when you are facing times in your life where things are hard, or you are struggling. When you are on a lightworker journey, here are some things that you might be experiencing to help you know who you are:

  • Feeling the need to help guide people.
  • Wanting to see others healed.
  • Being sensitive to those around you.
  • Caring and compassion for others.
  • Having psychic gifts.
  • Feeling love for animals and the environment.
  • Feeling that you need to see others healed.
  • Being aware of your own feelings of fear and negativity.
  • Being able to manifest your thoughts.
  • Seeing the number 911 often.

Lightworkers are there to help the planet heal and if you feel that you are lightworker or you know someone that is, always show them love and compassion because the world is a better place with them in it.