How to Know if You Have Starseed Markings

How to Know if You Have Starseed Markings

Starseeds are people that have come from different lives and from different planets. They have lived on earth in the past and they are experienced with people and places. They also have a lot of knowledge of other places and planets.

Do you feel that you are a starseed and you want to know if you have starseed markings? If you want to know more about the earth and other planets, you may just be a starseed.

Knowing About Starseeds

Some psychics know more about starseeds than other people because they are consciously aware of things around them.

There is a great group of people that have come to the earth with a mission. Some have specific missions, and some have collective goals to make the world a better place.

Lavender is a marking that is part of the astrological chart. This can help you to know if you are a starseed. This is called a starseed marking and if you have lavender then you can know that you are a starseed.

Knowing More About Starseeds

One thing that makes a starseed different is that they have been on earth through many different lifetimes.

Some have evolved more than 40 times and they are different each time. It can be painful each time they have to come on the earth because they have to live a life that is full of work.

This can mean that you might not be able to know if you have starseed markings, but you can know if you are one by the gifts that you have.

Some will be more aware of the spiritual world and will be healers, able to channel or have telepathy.

Starseeds can be different depending on what star or planet they come from. Pleiades for example have been around since ancient times.

Starseeds from this place will be very sensitive and emotional people. They are also known to be very loving, and they will give up what they want so that others can have more.

They want to have peace in the earth.

Things to Ask Yourself

If you work with Lavender’s team, you will need to know if you have starseed markings. Here are some things you can find out about yourself:

  • You are smart but you hate school.
  • You are very psychic.
  • You understand you have a purpose and mission.
  • Your body doesn’t follow rules.
  • You want to fit in, but you can’t seem to.
  • You have powerful dreams.
  • Animals love you.
  • Children love you.
  • You are moral.
  • You have strong emotions.
  • You know when someone is lying to you.
  • You love science.
  • You don’t understand why the world doesn’t see their wrong.

If you have had these things happen to you, this can mean you are a starseed. When you know if you are a starseed or not, you can learn to understand yourself more and the world around you. This can be a way that you can learn to belong in your life.


  1. The concept of starseeds is certainly intriguing. It offers an interesting perspective on individual differences and innate talents. However, I wonder about the empirical evidence supporting such claims, and how one can objectively assess these ‘markings’.

  2. The idea that certain individuals could possess knowledge from previous lifetimes on other planets is quite extraordinary. It implies a broader cosmological connection and reincarnation-like phenomena. I’m curious how this intersects with various cultural and spiritual traditions.

    • From a psychological standpoint, these beliefs could serve as a coping mechanism or a way to give meaning and purpose to one’s life. Understanding the underlying reasons why people resonate with such ideas is equally important.

  3. The traits listed as indicative of starseeds—such as having strong emotions or being highly intuitive—are quite common. This makes me question the distinctiveness of starseeds. Could these be general human qualities rather than specific to starseeds?

    • Your point is valid. It’s possible that these attributes are universal human experiences rather than exclusive to starseeds. The key might lie in the intensity and frequency of these experiences.

  4. While the notion of starseeds is captivating, it rather aligns more with metaphysical and spiritual beliefs than with scientific methodologies. Yet, it raises fascinating questions about the origins of human consciousness and experiences.

  5. Lavender being used as a ‘starseed marking’ in astrology is a novel idea to me. Astrology has long been used to explain individual differences and destinies. However, translating astrological charts into starseed identification adds another layer of complexity that requires thorough understanding.