How to Learn How to Read Auras

Read Auras

Do you ever wonder what color your aura is? Have you ever been told by someone that they could read your aura and that it was a certain color, but you never gave it much thought after that?

Maybe you think that the aura is something that just hangs around you sometimes or maybe you really don’t know anything at all about it because you have never had a psychic reading or really listened to much about it.

Maybe you have not been feeling good in your energy level lately and you wondered if you could find someone that could read your aura and help you find out what is going on in your life?


The aura goes back to the 1800’s from a guy called Charles Webster Leadbeater, who was part of the Theosophical Society. He believed that all people had auras and that they changed depending on their spiritual development. Then, years passed and not much was said about auras again until the 80’s and 90’s when readers started talking about how important the aura is.

The thing about auras is that they are meant to help you know more about yourself. They can help you to be healthier and help you to be stronger in your life.

The aura is not a ghost or a spirit, but it is the energy field that goes around every living being. When you are going through trauma or grief or you are unhealthy, your aura can change color or become dull.

Aura Reading

An aura reading can help you if you have things in your life that you aren’t sure of or if you are unsure of how you are feeling. You are born with an aura, and it is always going to be part of you, but it is always changing. Sometimes the aura can get bigger or smaller and sometimes it can become bright or dull.

Aura readings can give you spiritual and physical advice about your life and it can help you to know what path to take to make your energy stronger.

You will find that the way that you are behaving and the situations in your life can change your aura. If you are sad or going through problems, then your aura will be different than someone that is happy and having joy in their life.

Getting and Aura Reading

When you decide to get an aura reading you need to find a psychic that has the ability to read auras. Not all psychics can do this, so you need to find one that specializes in this. Some can see the auras, and some can use pictures to be able to see them. You can even take pictures yourself and concentrate on your aura and see if you can see it.

If you need to do an online reading you can take a picture of yourself and send it to your psychic, and they can read your aura. Here are some things your aura can tell you:


People that have a purples aura are very intuitive and the aura is there to help you to know what you are really feeling. If you have blue in your aura, it can mean you are compassionate or you are an empath.

Some people will have red in their aura, and this can mean fire or passion but sometimes people will think that they can add colors to make their aura stand out, but this is not true.

If you have deep seeded issues or issues from your childhood, then you might have an aura that shows this. Maybe you were weak as a child and you would keep your aura blue so that you could be safe, even if you didn’t know it. You might be someone that feels like they are victimized or someone that is vulnerable, and the blue can show up.

Even if you have had readings before, an aura can get deep into your life and into your past. You might find out that you have walls up from things you have went through and you might need to have healing in your life that you never realized.

Differences Between People

Your aura can show that you have had things said to you that were fake. You might have had relationships where people lied to you or hurt you in some way.

Your aura can tell when someone has put your down or said hurtful things to you and this can be family, friends, strangers or more. As someone reads your aura, they can find out the events of things that have happened in your life and even how you responded to the events. It can show how you have been left to deal with your emotions.

Life Lessons

Your aura can show the life lessons that you have learned along the way. If you have feelings that were there in the past, you might get them dug back up if you get a reading.

You may be sensitive and try to hide it or you may have been vulnerable for a long time and ended up heart. Your aura will show how others have treated you and how you have responded.

If you are weak, needy, sensitive, soft, vulnerable or whatever you are feeling, your aura will show the reader. This can help you to see how things hurt you that you didn’t even realize. It can show you the barriers that you have put up and how you need to change things in your life.


Another thing that your aura can show you is what your future will be like. If you have a color entering into your life, it can show if you have pressure or peace or if you are happy or sad or angry. It can show what your future holds for you and how you can change your life for the better.


As you get a reading you might feel a little anxious, but you will see that it is for the better in your life. Some people are born aura readers, and some can work to be able to see the aura of their own or others. If you want to do this, keep learning more about the aura and you too can become an aura reader.