Increasing Intuition

Increasing Intuition

Many people, actually all people, have the gift of intuition, some will just work harder to increase these psychic abilities.

If you want to take time to learn how to increase your psychic abilities, you need to focus and take a notice of what you feel and what messages come to your mind as you read and relax.

Increasing Intuition

Are there times that you forget to write a shopping list or if you write it down you sometimes leave it at your house?  The list is what you can use to help you but if you want to be able to remember everything on your list without writing a list, you can do this by increasing your third eye. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Imagine yourself finding the perfect parking spot before you leave to go there.
  • Before you answer a text, allow yourself to guess who it is.
  • Imagine someone telling you, “I was just thinking about you,” before you call them.
  • Imagine what is going to happen at the end of a television series.
  • Imagine yourself having a good drive and missing all of the red lights.
  • Always give thanks to your spirit guides when you get somewhere safely.
  • Play guessing games and code cracking games.

There are different ways in which you can increase your gift of intuition in your life.  These are important gifts to increase and you can do small tasks to increase this gift.  Even things you do in your everyday life can increase your abilities.  You are wanting to have the best spirit life that you can in all areas.

Spirit Tuning

Spirits are there to help you with your life such as your job and your love.  They are there to help you to make good decisions and to be apart of all the things you do in life.

You have to listen to what the spirits are telling you, even the small things and figure out how to trust your spirit guides.

When you talk to your spirit guides, you let them guide you and you give them thanks for what they have done.  You learn to trust them and develop your daily life with them.  When this happens, you can have faith in them even when things are hard.

Talk to Them Daily

No matter how small your problem is, talk to your spirit guides to help you.  Listen to the messages that they give you and listen to the patterns that you see in your life.  Things can change in a moment and when you are aware of the communication with your spirit guide, you will learn to listen.

Once you learn to listen to the small things, the spirits will begin to guide you in the big things.  You have to learn to trust and never stop having trust with them.

Trust is one thing that comes when you are able to build a relationship.  If you show that you trust your spirit guides, they will work hard to build a relationship with you and to take time to talk to you and guide you.

Take time to allow yourself to be guided by your spirit guides and to increase your intuition.  You will see how helpful and great a spirit guide having is.  Always be thankful for this.