Is Codependency Different Than an Empath?


Our world is full of people. Some people are great to be around, and others are harder to deal with. You have to find a way that you can relate to people so that you can have good relationships that are peaceful and interdependent and where you aren’t being codependent on people.

When you are interdependent with someone, you are able to rely on them to help you and you can help each other in life and maybe on your job or with other people in their life and you can support each other, depend on each other, and expect there to be love and respect. This means that you can do things like raise children together, buy a home, work on a project or more.

Codependency on the other hand is very unhealthy and it focuses more on one person rather than a group. This means you are focused on that person and you are not making sure that your own needs are met. You need to set boundaries and you won’t because you are afraid that they will leave you.

People that are codependent on others will feel responsible to make everyone happy. This can be at work, at home or wherever you have relationships. If you are codependent, it is hard for you to go on your own path. You want to help everyone, and you want to stop bad things from happening and so you are always getting into other people’s business.

Empaths are often codependent but not all people that are codependent are empaths. An empath will pick up the emotions of other people, places, and things. Someone that is empathic will have to figure out how to protect themselves and to be able to shield themselves from negative energies.

They can do this by meditating and by making sure they are grounded. An empath is often codependent, and they need to set boundaries so that they are not so dependent on someone else and so that they are not always trying to fix things. This can be hard when you are taking on the problems of the world.

If you need to, journal about your feelings and about your relationship. Are you being interdependent and helping each other or are things one sided and you are codependent on them? You need to make sure that your relationship is balanced and that you are learning from your mistakes. You need to let other people make mistakes and work through their problems.


Look at your life and make sure that you focus on what your relationship looks like. If you are in a codependent relationship, you need to heal from this.

You need to be in a relationship where you are interdependent so that you can stop obsessing about your relationship and learn to have fun in it.

When you set boundaries with people, you will see that you can be happier and that you can fulfill your life and your relationship with peace and happiness, not just for your partner but also for yourself.