Knowing Your Claircognizance


Our chakras are there to make sure that we are strong and grounded.  The seventh chakra is located at the crown and this is where Claircognizance comes from.  The world Claircognizance comes from the word Clair, which is a French word and cognizance comes from the world knowing and so claircognizance means clear knowing.

With the Crown Chakra, the color of it is violet and orange.  This shows that you have a knowing that is beyond what you know or what information that you have gathered.  Having a chakra allows you to know things without using your brain and without having access to this as intellect.  This is the place of knowing things clearly.

Look at how vibrant the color violet is and imagine this color surrounding your Crown Chakra and spinning in a clockwise direction.  Imagine your chakra being unblocked and good.  When you think with this chakra, you can unblock things that have caused you to be down or to feel that you are not good enough.  Think about the feelings you get when you think on the Crown Chakra.  Think about the space and about how open you are to your higher being.

Recognizing Claircognizance

If you feel that you are claircognizant then there are things that you would say and how you would speak.   Here are some languages that you might use if you have this psychic ability:

  • You would say, “I knew that was going to happen,” instead of “I heard that would happen.”
  • You might say, “I just know this,” instead of “I hear this will happen.”

When you use the word, “I Know,” then chances are you might be claircognizant.  You might find that you are able to clearly use this language and find it a common thing in your vocabulary.

As your gifts and abilities grow, you will be able to discern things more clearly and know what you are strongest at.

Knowing Between Claircognizance and Thoughts

Claircognizance is different than having a thought.  Here is the way that you will know the difference:

  • When you think of something, your mind is doing the work. If you have a thought without thinking it, then this is claircognizant.
  • When you receive information in your Crown Chakra, this is an all-knowing consciousness and is a place where you can see things that you have not seen in real life.
  • To increase your claircognizance, you can focus on seeing yourself different than other things. Do not interrupt what your mind is trying to tell you and focus and listen.

Getting Claircognizant information is part of the vibrational frequency and will come in places that fear and worry come in.  This will replace those things and you will know that you have a gift.  You will have to take time to understand the messages and it will come when it is ready.

Claircognizance Presence

Claircognizance is a message that will come in different ways and will be inspired by your dreams, automatic writing, music or other messages that you will get when meditating or when getting a reading.  There are different ways that messages come:


You might get messages from your abilities and it will be like intuition and a gut feeling.  You will just know that you know something, and you will be aware of the message.


The second way is to get things in your unconscious mind, and you will see that these things will tap into your abilities.

You might even find that you are able to use your conscious and unconscious mind to be creative and to inspire others.  You will know that you are getting this insight because the information will come from a higher power and you will be able to know this.


If you want to practice these abilities, you can do this by not trying to force it.  If you have a feeling, say to yourself, “I knew it,” and allow yourself to feel what the message is wanting to tell you.

If you have an inner knowing and you are making a good decision, then you will see that the words are there at the right moment and you have to embrace it and take on the feeling.

What seems like it comes out of nowhere will be a part of your gift and will be a sense of knowing that you had about an event.  Consider other times you have experienced things like this and figure out how this affects you.

Psychic Development

  • Find a quiet place to relax and meditate.
  • Breathe deeply and be quiet.
  • Think about things around you and take a note of what is going on in the area around you.
  • Meditate and sense what you are thinking. Allow the universe to give you information.
  • With your eyes open, write down all the information that you can about tomorrow and focus on nothing particular. Write without taking time to think about it, just take in some breathes and exhale and take the information about tomorrow and write it down.
  • Do not worry that you are wrong because you are not wrong.
  • Complete what you are writing and put your journal away. Do this each day.

Tomorrow, go back to the journal and see if the information that you wrote down was right.  See if you were aware of your surroundings enough to imagine what was going on in the world.  Make notes in your journal and write down anything that is significant to you.  Remember, you are training your abilities and you have to learn to tap into things around you.


Take time to pay attention to the daydreams that you have.  Learn from the information that the daydream is giving you and see if it is something that happens in the future.  This can be spiritual or worldly.  Write down questions you have been thinking about.

Daydreams can happen when your mind lets go for a little while and this can happen in the middle of a project, your work or just driving or sitting around.

Take time to do the exercise and when you are in daydream, pay attention to what is going on.  Write down what you have seen in your daydream and see if it makes sense to you.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a helpful tool when you want to develop your Claircognizant gift.  Here is how you can do it:

  • Ask the universe something you want to know.
  • Ask the question out loud.
  • Write down what you feel is coming. If you see an image, then put that down.
  • Write things down each time and practice automatic writing three times each day.

You might see that some of the information is wrong but instead of worrying about it, move forward and keep developing your psychic gift.