Learn to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Learn to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Do you ever wonder what happens when you die? There are some ways that you can increase your psychic abilities so that you can talk to people on the other side.

Here are some things you can do to communicate with your loved ones or friends that have passed on:

Sign to Heaven

When you first begin to develop your giftings, it can be hard. You might want to use your intuition or use your gifts to speak to the dead. Remember, people that have died are only a thought away and no matter how hard or frustrating it is, you can see and hear signs from those that have died.

Your loved ones might want to get a signal from you so that they can know that you are safe, and you are making it through the hard times. They want to connect with you. You can talk to them just like you can when they were on the earth. Start each day by talking to them and talk to them before you go to bed.

The more you speak to the dead, the more the conversation will open up and the more you will feel them around you. Just say hi to them and let them know you are thinking about them. Talk to them about how your day is going or about ideas you have.

Your loved ones are wanting to support you and the more you speak to them the more it will open up the line of communication so they can speak back to you.


You have to learn to trust yourself and your feelings. If you hear a voice inside of you, chances are this is your intuition. This means that you are using your psychic gifts and they are coming to you from the spirit world.

The voice you hear inside can be your loved ones trying to help you or to reach out to communicate with you. You can feel their presence with you, and you might even dream about them.

Maybe you feel them, but you cannot explain why or how. You have to learn to trust yourself and when you have a dream, write it down in your journal so that you can remember it.

When you feel your loved one around you or you come up with a thought that doesn’t seem like your own, tell your spirit guides thank you for helping you. You can speak to children, family members, friends and others that have passed on.

Some people will be able to have this ability more when they are children and they will later grow out of it but if you keep this close to your heart, you will continue to use this ability and it will help you to trust your inner feelings.

Signs and Synchronicity

When you want to develop your gifting, you have to look for signs. Your spirit guides can give you signs based on who they are and what kind of personality they have. You can even get signs and symbols from your loved ones that are trying to reach out to you.

Some signs can include things like butterflies flying by you or repeating numbers such as 2:22. If you see this on the clock all the time or if you find coins laying all around, these are all strong signs that someone is trying to communicate with you.

Your loved ones will use whatever thing you will pay attention to so that they can get ahold of you and talk to you. Signs can come in different forms and they can come when you least expect them but when you need them.

Your signs are there to remind you that your loved one is still close to you and if it keeps repeating, they are definitely trying to reach out to you. There are no coincidences and when something happens, it is the universe helping you to see something.

Remember, always be open minded about your gifting and embrace it close to your heart.