Learning to Manage Your Sixth Sense

Learning to Manage Your Sixth Sense

Having intuition is a way that you can use a natural gift that you were born with to reach your soul purpose. You can be born with intuition, but some people are able to use it better than others. This is something that will attract things to your life and help you to make better decisions.

Have you ever gone to a store and you were drawn to a certain item and you weren’t sure why? Later you may have met someone that you connected with right away that you have never met before. This can be your soul growing and getting stronger so that you can reach your giftings in life.

Intuition allows you to have chances to meet certain people, but it also gives you the idea to avoid things that are not good or dangerous for you. Your intuition can tell you not to be around certain people or not to go to certain places.

You can get bad feelings about places you work or about family situations. Your intuition will help you to be guided in all areas of your life.


Intuition will help you to know what is going on with your energy. We all have chakras, and they guide the energy through your body and mind. When you go through different emotions, your intuition can help you to practice being better and to bring awareness to what you are feeling.

You will see how your own heart feels and you need to pay attention to this to make sure that your chakras are strong and not blocked.

Learn to listen to your energy and allow it to give you information to help you.


Take time each day to meditate and to talk to your spirit guides. This can help you to get rid of stress and to be stronger. Breathe in and out deeply and let your mind chatter slow down.

Learn to have peace inside of your mind and focus on being still. You can even go for meditation walks in nature and help to keep your life full of peace.


When you talk to your guides, they can talk back to you by using signs and symbols. They will give you messages in the universe and your intuition can help you to figure out what these signs mean.

Maybe you see repeating numbers such as 11:11 all the time. This can be a sure sign that your guides are with you to help you to be safe and to be protected.

Quiet Time

Take time everyday to put your electronics down and just to pay attention to yourself and your spiritual body. Connect with your mind, body and soul and make sure that you are on the right track in life.


Everyone dreams but people that are in tune with their intuition will have stronger dreams and these dreams can communicate with you.

If you want to know about your dreams, write them down in a journal is that you do not forget them and so that you can remember them. If you have a dream and it comes true, pay attention to it and to the symbols inside of your dream.

Learn to concentrate on your questions before you go to bed so that you can speak to your spirit guides and they can show up in a dream.

Do not get frustrated if this doesn’t happen right away and remember that everything takes practice. Learn to connect with your mind and your body and you can even use crystals to help you with this. Put the crystals under your pillow while you sleep at night.

Keep practicing and let your intuition guide you in all of your life ways.