Leaving your dream job to travel the world

Leaving your dream job to travel the world

Leaving your dream job to travel the worldHave you ever considered leaving your perfect job to travel the world. Have you ever spoke to yourself and said: I only have one life. It’s time to stop and refresh.

Taking a break to travel isn’t a crazy move, because it can help give workers a fresh start and qualify them for longer, more sustainable careers. The prospect of a future trip also motivates workers to save, live within their means, and pay down debt. It is also a stronger incentive than the dream of retiring in several decades’ time.

But before making your final decision and packing your luggage, you should ask yourself some important questions

Could you take an extended vacation instead of quitting your job?

Check  your employee handbook for information on how many vacation days you get per year, and whether or not you can save them up over a couple years and then use them for an extended vacation.

Do you have enough money to travel?

Before making your final decision and pack,  you first need to make sure you have enough money to travel. Calculate about how much money you will need during your journey, and start saving immediately. You may consider selling your furniture, or even getting a second job to save money during this period.

Have You Thought About Your other Responsibilities?
Before taking a further move, think about your other responsibilities. Do you have dependents? Do you own a house? Are you a pet parent? Do you have lots of furniture you will need to store? You need to plan for these responsibilities, so that you will be ready to pack up your luggage and leave.

Is there any way to earn money abroad?

If you have saved enough money to travel, then this is not an issue. But if you need to earn money, you may need to consider online work or look into international employment options before leaving. If you want a flexible job, you might consider working on a farm, teaching abroad, bartending, or something similar.

What’s on your packing list?

Identify the most important items you need before you pack.  You have to write a list before preparing your stuff and be cautious, it’s not a short journey. Your journey may take up to a year. So, be selective and think the most important things you will need.

And the most importantly: set up your goals

What are the goals beyond your journey? What are the places you have always wanted to visit? 12 months is not enough time to visit every single country. So, you need to set up priorities.

Consider accompany

Are you planning to travel alone? What if you consider travelling with accompany? Your life partner? Or may be your best friend? Someone who share you the same interests.