Listening to Your Intuition

Listening to Your Intuition

When you have problems, there are different ways that you can handle it. The first way is to task your mom for her advice, or you can ask your intuition before you make a decision. The last option, listening to your intuition, can help to give you guidance and help you when things are bothering you.

Worrying too much about a problem can cause you stress and you can still call your mom or your best friend when something is really bothering you. But when you need guidance and you talk to your loved one, chances are they will give you advice that might not be the right advice. They will listen to you, but they will give you advice that you want to hear.

Your intuition, on the other hand, will not listen to what you want but what you need. When you really are searching for advice, you can look to a psychic to help you. Intuition can be a feeling that you get when something is not right and most of the time you really do not know what the feeling is there for. Intuition can guide you and help to develop you.

Some people will feel strong urges when something is wrong while others are not really sure what they are feeling or what it means. People are born with intuition but not everyone knows how to listen or develop this gift. Developing your intuition can give you a strong self-sense. The more that you love yourself, the more that you become one with your intuition.

Even though this might sound like something that you experience, some people get confused with their intuition and think of it as their ego and this causes them to make mistakes. When you want to tell the difference, you can tell when you are making decisions based out of fear. When you make decisions based on fear, this is probably your ego.

When you take risks in life that are bigger than what you are used to handling, chances are you will resist this a little bit. Your ego will come along and when you are going to do something different in your life such as go for a new job or meet new people, you might have your ego to keep you from doing it because of fear of rejection.

When you have an ego that is scared, you will feel that you are not worthy or good enough and you will be afraid that you are going to embarrass yourself. Listening to your intuition generally comes with different circumstances such as walking down a dark alley at night or going somewhere that you should not go.

Having a problem with your ego means that you are fearful and afraid of making bad decisions. No matter what you know about yourself, you need to learn to be even more aware.

Here are some ways that you can know if your intuition is trying to lead you a different direction:


Your intuition will help you to have physical feelings so that you can know what direction to go. If you feel peace in your heart, chances are your intuition is telling you that you are following the right path. This can sometimes come in your stomach or your chest.

Confident and Happy

Do you ever just daydream of finding a new career? Do you struggle with your finances? Maybe your intuition is trying to tell you that you need to find a new path.

If you have been looking for a new path in your life and you feel happy and confident when you think about it, chances are your intuition is showing you that you are making a good choice. A scared ego will tell you not to do it because you are afraid of what is not certain to you.

Lucid Dreams

Dreaming of being chased by something or falling off of a cliff can mean that your intuition is trying to give you a sign.

Intuition comes in different forms and dreams are a way that your spirit guide will communicate with you. This is an important thing to take notice of. Some people even document and journal their dreams so that they can look at them later.

Intuition will not come at a certain time; it can just show up. If you are thinking about your past, present or future, your intuition can help you. Some people will take notes about the different sense that they have when they dream and try to figure out what it means.


Your intuition might come in the form of opportunities. When you notice things keep coming to you strong, your intuition is probably trying to communicate with you.

Getting your attention is sometimes hard but when you see that opportunities just keep showing up at your doorstep, take a time to notice them and pay attention.

Clear Thinking

If you have ever had an “ah-ha” moment, chances are this is your intuition trying to talk to you. Allow yourself to relax and to meditate and open up your mind and your emotions.

Your intuition will take time to speak to you when you are listening so when you are less busy, this is normally when your intuition shows up.


Intuition is always there to give you the right direction in your life, but we all miss the signs. Some people even ignore the signs but if you see that your brain keeps coming back to a certain thought, chances are you need to take note of these feelings.

Some people will think that intuition only comes when something big happens but if you do not listen the first time, your intuition will keep repeating itself until you pay attention. If you feel that you are being pulled a certain direction, pay attention to it, and try to figure out what your intuition is telling you.


When you are being rational, your instinct is trying to stop you from making a mistake. Your instinct is there to help you survive but sometimes your intuition is there to help you to go after what you want.

Instinct and intuition are different because instinct is about surviving, and intuition is about living and being happy. Your instinct might want you to stay at a job because you feel safe, but your intuition will want you to leave your job and start a new business or endeavor.

Uneasy Feeling

Intuition will be there to help you and if you are feeling happy most of the time then chances are you might choose to ignore your intuition. You might feel uneasy about something and if so, you might need to listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Your intuition will show up when you feel uneasy about something and it can be like a heavy thing on your chest or a gut feeling.


When you refuse to listen to your intuition, it can bring about more stress and anxiety in your life. If this happens, chances are you will get sick. Your intuition is probably trying to tell you that you need to change something in your life.

Having physical symptoms sometimes come when you refuse to listen to your intuition. These signs can turn into depression and when you keep ignoring it, it can cause you to have more sicknesses and even diseases.

Feelings Won’t Go Away

There are different reasons why things come to your mind. This could be because your intuition is trying to tell you something to make your life better.

The best way to know if your intuition is telling you something is if you have a feeling that will not go away. The sense of knowing can be strong and you need to pay attention to this instead of avoiding it.


Your intuition sometimes makes you feel excited or inspired about something. Maybe you watch a seminar or hear a podcast and you hear wisdom that can help to spark your thoughts and feelings. This is intuition and means that you are following a path that you should be on.

Having strong intuition might mean that you should be more creative or that you should be doing more to benefit yourself.

When you listen to your intuition, it begins to develop. This takes time and even if your ego tries to step in and stop you, practicing listening to your intuition can help you to understand it and to know it when it talks to you.

The more that you will listen to your intuition, the better you will feel in your life.


  1. The article gives a comprehensive overview of how intuition can guide us in making decisions. It strikes a balance between considering external advice and trusting one’s inner voice, which is often overlooked.