Making Your Intuition Stronger

Making Your Intuition Stronger

Some people have strong psychic powers but then sometimes they feel that their intuition is no longer there. You have to figure out what is going on in your life and learn to ground yourself so that you can connect stronger with your psychic giftings.

Your intuition is what guides you. It can be a voice that you hear inside of your mind, and it can come in the form of visions, images or even words. It can even be a thought that you have or a gut feeling.

When you feel that you are lacking in your intuitive gifting, you need to learn to take care of yourself and get your mind, body, and spirit right. You need to work together with your body and the universe to help make your intuition strong again.

Intuition can come to the point where you don’t hear it and you drown out what it is telling you because you are ungrounded. Here are some ways you can ground yourself and hear your inner voice even stronger.


You need to get rid of some of the noise that is going on inside of you. Some of the noise can be even looking at your phone which keeps you busy and stressed. Take time to get off of your phone and leave social media for a while. This can take the stress off of you and make you not feel so overwhelmed.

Social media is meant to keep you entertained but stop listening to what everyone else is saying sometimes and listen to your inner voice.


Go out and take a walk-in nature. Breathe and let your body feel strong. Enjoy the sun and the fresh air on your body. Go out and listen to the wind blowing.

If you don’t like to walk, try biking, or even just go out and get into the garden or walk barefoot in the dirt. Doing this can open up your intuition and help you to be stronger.

When you go into nature your mind and your body can connect with the earth. This can help you to hear your inner voice better and help you to be more intimate with yourself. This can keep your brain strong and help you to not be so overstimulated.

Inner Voice

When your inner voice is louder, you can tune into it more clearly and you can see your intuition being stronger.


Find a mantra that you like to use. This is a way that you can focus on your intentions and that you can be mindful in your life. Do mantra chanting when you meditate so that you can quiet your mind and hear your inner voice stronger.

Psychic Readings

Find someone that you can talk to and get a psychic reading. This can be a tarot reading or just a medium reading. Find out what you need and let the reading fill you and help you to have insight on the future.

Reading Books

Find books or audio books that you can read that give you information on developing your intuition. This can give you energy and help you learn to set boundaries. This can help you to be stronger in your mind, body, and soul.  Talking to your intuition should be like talking to someone that you love.

Go to a Class

Find a class or a workshop close to you and talk to an instructor that teaches on intuition. Sometimes you can find these people at yoga studios or online. This can give you personal help and allows you to build your energy and to quiet your brain chatter.

Learn to nurture your intuition and allow yourself to be stronger inside.