Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

The power of a healer doesn’t come from any particular ability or talent. It comes from having the courage and awareness to capture and express healing power.

Thus, we all have the power to not only heal ourselves but also to nurture each other.  The healing powers are there. But not all of us are called to follow the path of a healer.

For those lucky few who have a connection to healing, they may encounter resistance on the part of friends and loved ones. This is due to the fact that spiritual healing is not highly thought of.

The real downside to this is that we, in our Western society, have lost touch with the true traditional forms of healing.  In the past, society took a more holistic approach to treating illness. Now we are more in the habit of going to different doctors and specialists all of whom prescribed medicines. These medicines have helped with parts of the illness, yet they never addressed the the whole person.

Even though this became the norm, we may feel that we want something deeper. Something more spiritual. Does this mean that you are a spiritual healer?

If you are truly a spiritual healer,  you may feel like you belong to  different time or place. You may also feel everything too deeply or as if they are happening to you.  You may have dreams that come true and have felt especially connected to your physical environment.

You can be all of these things and still not be a healer. So how do you know?

Are you sensitive to energy?

Do you feel connected to the emotions of others and their ailments?

Can you easily read others?

You don’t feel as if you are connected to your own life?

Are you easily overwhelmed?

You have had problems with anxiety?

Do you strive to create peace?

Do people turn to you in times of need?

Do children and animals instinctively trust you?

Do you ‘see’ all sides of a story?

Have you survived a serious trauma or near death experience?

Are you a good listener?

Have you had a mystical experience?

How many of these questions resonate with you? If it is more than one, you may have some talent as a healer. The first step would be to do some further research to see if you have areas in which you need to heal. From that point, you could explore becoming a healer yourself?