Stopping the Victim Mentality

Victim Mentality

When someone hurts you and you lose trust in them, it can be hurtful. There are things that you will go through in your life that will cause you to feel hurt or feel like your life is terrible. This can be big things and small things and even sometimes things that are unintentional.

The way that you respond in life after hurt is something that determines who you are. You can either push through them a better person or you can have a victim mentality. Having the victim mentality means that you have no power, and you blame everyone else for the bad things that happen to you in your life. It can lead you to a place where you think that everyone else is better off than you and make you look for people that will give you sympathy instead of instruction. Some people get to the point where they are constantly saying, “woah is me,” or “why me,” and they wonder why the world is against them.

But the positive way of dealing with hurt is that you push through, and you learn from what happens in your life. You learn to have your own power and to take life as a learning lesson. You choose to be happy, satisfied and healthy. You say things to yourself like “I can move on even when things are hard,” or “I’m not going to let life get me down.”

There are ways that you can work towards moving on and living a better life, getting rid of the victim mentality including:

Make Better Choices

Even though you aren’t able to determine all things that happen in your life, you can learn how to respond to it. You can either choose to live in self-hurt and pity or you can learn from what happens. Avoid anger and resentment and work towards love and forgiveness. Grow and move forward.

Stop Asking Why

When things happen at first it is important to find out why things are happening. You need to figure out what happened and what you can learn from it. It might be impossible to understand completely why something happened and why people treat you the way that they do but you can try. If you can’t figure it out, learn to let it go and don’t keep asking.


We all have to get to a point where we learn to forgive others and even ourselves. People are going to hurt you and people are going to do things that can break your trust. Don’t let bad relationships keep you from having good relationships and keep you from doing the right thing. Learn to forgive and move forward.

See the Good

Look at the good things that are in your life. Be thankful for the things that you have and for the good things that come to you. Find people in your life that lift you up and make you feel positive. Count all of your blessings and don’t let things that are bad fill your thoughts. See the good that life has given you and embrace it.

Move Forward

People that have a victim mentality get stuck where they are. You have to learn to move on from the past and focus on positive things and the future. Don’t get stuck in negative circumstances but let yourself learn, grow and move forward in what life has to give you.

Even when someone breaks your trust, you can move on. Getting hurt and betrayed can be painful and when you have to deal with this, you can be a better person. Learn to pay attention to the pain, acknowledge it, grow and heal as you move on to a greater life.