The Clairvoyance Trap

The Clairvoyance Trap

Clairvoyance can be a mixed blessing of sorts. It is supposedly a socially allowable gift as far as reading auras, which has become popular in many circles, but there are also some concerns in the area. When reading an aura, you are supposedly supposed to see a specific color as related to the aura. According to this myth, everyone who is clairvoyant should see the same thing if viewing the person at the same time. The goal with aura reading should be to duplicate what a truly talented clairvoyant sees, much like a scientist would want to be able to repeat results.

The problem is that even when people can see specific colors, including matching those of people who are truly clairvoyant, it does not mean the new person is also clairvoyant. The purpose of reading an aura is useful information, not simply seeing a color that is meaningless on its own. This requires people to learn to discern gifts. There are databases full of information about how people relate to certain things. The point is to gather as much information as possible. The biggest thing to remember is that perception is not the same as aura reading. You must have both perception an interpretation that is accurate.

A trap that clairvoyance has is that it becomes easy to confuse perceptions with full readings. Seeing something in a client’s aura is not the same as finding information that is useful. the goal is always useful information. Vivid, auric perceptions are subtle and can be highly subjective so this is not a form of truth for everyone on earth. This is seen when you compare books written by various expert clairvoyants. Few ever have any information that is the same as far as a reading on something like a color picture.

Those who are clairvoyant must be cautious, understanding that what they see is not objective. This does not mean the information is not necessarily wrong, but that subjectivity is always in play. Any perceptions received are your perceptions, not necessarily how others will perceive. You must fin a technique that works for you, not necessarily everyone else. Everyone is different. Seeing something beautiful does not have to be the main point of a reading.

The point is that you need to be well informed on the meaning of different things and colors. This means reading available literature on the topics by experts in the area. Some also recommend knowing your purpose, though others feel this is a sign of being stuck energetically. When clients are concerned with purpose, sometimes an aura healing can be more appropriate than a reading. Though this healing requires knowledge, it is possible.

No one person can know everything. This is why reading literature on different topics in your area and others is so important. Aura reading is changing and will continue to change as there is a global rise of consciousness moving into the New Age. Reading aura as colors is not practical, but in the new millennium, aura reading can become an every day skill that can help others. This is invaluable when it comes to holistic healing. We just need to become more well versed in the language of energy to truly appreciate the growing human consciousness.