Things that Hold an Empath Back from Being the Best

Things that Hold an Empath Back from Being the Best

Empaths are real life superheroes who are there to help people to heal and to be better. Here is how an empath does this:


Empaths can see things in visions, and they are able to take the symbols that they get in their visions and help others. They can help people in their body and mind and help them to have more of an understanding.

The way that we look at things will help us to know what issues we need to fix and what we need to change.

We are responsible for our powers and we need them to help us in the future so that we can become one with the universe.

When you feel that you are using your gifts to help others, it can make you feel vulnerable, but remember, this is a gift to use with discernment and when you do that, you will not be taken advantage of.


Everyone has some intuitive gifts inside but a person that is an empath will have this above and beyond. It is important that you understand that your Solar Plexus chakra is the center that allows you to have self-esteem and self-love and that you can use this for survival.

Survival intuition comes when you feel in danger and you have to use your intuitive gifts to guide you and not ignore your gut feelings.

In order to get guidance in your intuition, you have to love yourself and be open to new things. Having self-esteem helps you to not feel out of control and helps you to learn to be in control of your emotions, allowing you to have respect for yourself.


Psychic abilities are with everyone but not everyone uses them. An empath has a gift of both being a psychic and a gift of their emotions. This is where intuition comes in to play.

The thing about an empath is that they can be thousands of miles away from someone and know that they are going through something. They will get a signal in their gut and they will know what is happening.

You can also know what someone is going through just by being in a room with them or by talking to them on the phone. This will happen regularly if you are an empath.

It is important that you learn to trust your feelings and your signals that call out to you.


You will be able to feel things that other people cannot. There will be things in the physical world and the spiritual world that will manifest in your life and you will look at life differently than others do. You will look beyond separation and you will be at one with the universe and its creatures.

Empaths want to be with people, and they want to use their gift to help others, but an empath is often overwhelmed with life and the energy of people around them. This is why it is important to be grounded and shielded but not to disappear or hide. You have the gift to heal others and if you hide form them, you will not be able to change things.

An empath will feel the vibrations of places and people around them and it is important to be open to this.

Healing Powers

One reason an empath is so important is because they have the power to heal others. Here are some things that you might feel as an empath:

  • Feeling hopeless.
  • Feeling that life is out of control.
  • Struggling with a sense of self.
  • Feeling depressed or sad.
  • Getting sick.
  • Being afraid that people would not want you.

Even if you feel these things, you can learn that your abilities are there for yourself and others and to bring healing. Here are some things about being an empath and the power behind it:

  • Visions are there so that you can see people in a deeper way including emotions and sicknesses.
  • Intuition can help you to have more self-esteem and to trust your feelings.
  • Psychic gifts are there to help you be stronger.
  • Presence is there to let others see who you are but to be in control.
  • Healing is a power that can help you to transform the mind and body.
  • Creativity can help you to focus on other things in life and to get through hard times.

It takes a lot of support for an empath to be strong and courageous. You need to keep working to heal yourself and others.


Most empaths are creative, and they are healers. They like to do things such as teach or do art. They also like to write and use their gifts for good and for making ideas work for others. This can be a way that you can make dreams come true.

When you are a visionary, you will use your gift for good and you will see that you no longer want to be manipulated by things of the world. You will come out of hiding and you will use your gift to help others and to do what is best in this world.

It takes a lot of self-esteem to be an empath, but you have potential to be the best that you can be and to work through pain and suffering that you and others feel. You will find confidence and vision and you will learn to speak the truth.

Once you realize your gifting, here are some things you need to get good at:

  • Setting boundaries.
  • Using a system to process energy so you don’t shut down.
  • Be confident in your gifting and your communication.
  • Stop trying to be normal.


Stop trying to be like everyone else or to be considered normal. You were meant to have this gift and you need to learn to embrace it and love it.

It is not easy to embrace your gift but if you are doubting yourself, you can know that you can get rid of your depression and your low self-love and come out of it better than ever. You will make a difference with your gift, learn to embrace it and love who you are.