Understanding Clairaudience

Understanding Clairaudience

If you hear voices, music or sounds that you can’t explain don’t worry.  Instead of heading off to the doctor, consider seeing a psychic or spiritual guide to help you explore this psychic auditory talent known as Clairaudience.

Clairaudience is a unique method of connecting with the Universe via psychic hearing and sound.  People with this gift have heightened sensitivity to sound and may have accompanying buzzing or ringing in their ears.  You can modulate what you are experiencing through grounding techniques that can dim or even turn off spiritual noise at will.  This can help you better coexist with spirits in an old home, shop in a busy store or better interpret spiritual auditory messages.  Read on to discover three techniques to identify and hone your sensitivity to sounds from Spirit.

  1. Notice what you hear upon waking up. As you leave your nightly dreams to face a new day, you are most receptive to messages from the spirit realm – and thus most likely to receive auditory signs and cues.
  2. What words resonate with you as “spiritual?” Whenever you hear someone talking to you or you listen to media, key words and phrases can come across as significant and impactful.  Honor this feeling as Spirit might be sending you a vital message through these words or lyrics.
  3. If you want to develop clairsentience (psychic feeling) conjure words that bring you either joy or sorrow. What sensations do you experience when you say or hear them?  Do you notice certain colors, images or impressions along with those feelings?

There are no right and wrong answers to any of these questions.  Work to develop your gifts at your own pace.  Feel free to either journal your experiences or discuss them with other people that have an interest in metaphysics and spiritual growth.


  1. It’s interesting to see how different cultures and belief systems interpret auditory sensations. While the article provides a metaphysical perspective, it would also be worth exploring psychological viewpoints.

  2. The idea of clairaudience is intriguing, though it would be useful to see some scientific studies or data to back up these claims. It seems like an area that could benefit from more empirical evidence.