Using Money to Reveal Your Inner Truth

Using Money to Reveal Your Inner Truth

How often have you thought about the role money plays in your life?  It seems people are forever chasing it, and struggle with how keep as much as possible.  If you grew up with little resources, it will seem like the deficit will have shaped your life in a very grim way.  However, if you grew up with a surplus it might seem foreign for anyone to have a difficult relationship with finances.

Money as a shamanic territory

Having impacted finances can cause the very real fear of losing your home and other valuable possessions.  All the calls from creditors leave people feeling demoralized and exposed.  You can no longer tell yourself stories that hide the true gravity of the situation.  You are forced to see the reality and have an honest discussion with how to change your bad habits and improve your life one and for all.

Reasons for avoidance

People hate to talk opening about money, including how we get it and maintain it.  Yet, we are able to freely discuss these topics we open ourselves up to new opportunities.  We must realize we need to reframe our relationship with money and allow old ideas to fall away.  Sure, it will be difficulty and scary, but once you release the stories and illusions from your life you can get down to the hard work of taking the necessary steps forward to improve your life.

Money as a mirror

Money often reflects our innermost beliefs and values.  The way we spend and save represents a lifetime of stories and insights as well as serves as a vehicle to the life we desire for ourselves.  For example, if you grew up around family dinners as a focal point, you probably will prioritize spending money on culinary experiences.  Or if you grew up poor, you might work hard to save for those luxury items you dreamed of having in your family when you were a child.

Money uncovers innermost concerns and fears

By paying attention to the insights, rather than running away from them, the energy of money will naturally uncover our deepest thoughts and concerns about life.  Often, we see the areas that cause us anxiety and fear.  The process happens regardless of how much or how little funds you have.  Those striving to constantly accrue wealthy, far beyond their needs, reveals the fear of using money as a crutch to solves all of life’s woes.  Observing the ‘idea’ of money empowers us to examine what is true in our reality.  When we are receptive and able to see F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) an illusion that has profoundly shaped our lives, we are able to strip away the fluff and costuming to see how to more authentically live our live and embrace greater freedom in our days!

Tips to be more present in your life

There is a saying “We see the world through our beliefs, not our eyes.”  Embracing this concept is the first step into being present with the moment.  At its core, this statement conveys compassion: an ability to see ideas and opinions of yourself or others that aren’t capable of being true, and shedding these falsities allow you to discover and enjoy a mindful flow.  You open yourself up to possibilities, not shut down due to risk of fears.

Let yourself heal

Oddly enough, understanding how the body responds to threats is key to allowing yourself to heal.  Various stressors exist to show us how we create our life story when we fail to live out our values or understand who we truly are.  Money’s energy radiates within our world to facilitate connection.  Yet, we often force things to happen as a means to “control” our destiny or survival.  This ends up robbing us of our ability to know ourselves and our communities on a massive scale.  We end up suppressing symptoms, which blocks our ability to heal.  Consider how you react to symptoms.  Can you envision what happens to your body when you run away from issues that you consider to be a problem?

Know thyself

When you fail to understand yourself, your problems or symptoms you can’t begin to fix your situation.  Ask the questions who am I and what do I need (never want) every morning with a sincere desire to process the answer and willingness to be loving and generous to yourself.  Notice how as you implement the insights your burdens begin to lighten.  Next, shift your attention to your relationship with money for the day or week ahead.  Can you identify old beliefs that you are able to shed?  How can you prioritize your spending or saving to best accomplish your needs or goals?

Know that relationships with money is extremely complex and seldom how you perceive it.  Allow money to become a ally to you in broadening your values and achieving your dreams, rather than being seen as a monster or enemy.