Using Mugwort for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

Looking online will take you to many different places where you can find herbal supplements that will help you to have sweet sleep, some that will open up your sinuses and others that can help you to have dreams. These herbs can be added to oils or even to teas that you can drink.

If you want to sleep better, some of the best herbs for this are chamomile or even lavender. But what if you want to have lucid dreams?

One of the best plants for having lucid or vivid dreams is called Mugwort. This is a wild plant that comes from the name of Artemis or the Greek moon goddess. This is a plant that grows almost anywhere and can even be found growing on the side of a highway.

This is a tall plant with a purple color and is easy to recognize. If you really want to have vivid or lucid dreams, learn to recognize this plant, and find you some.

The Indians, the Chumash North American Indians are the ones that named the Mugwort the “dream sage.” They felt that it would give its people good dreams and would help take away any nightmares.

These people believed that this plant would help them to have healthy and prosperity. In the Middle Ages, this plant was used to help protect dreams and was used in both Europe and Korea. Some people that touched this plant believed that it would put them into a psychoactive state.

Nowadays, people can still find Mugwort and still often use it as a spiritual and mental plant. They often use this for dreams. Some dream practitioners use this herb to help make dreams stronger and to take dreaming to a new level.

Here are some things that Mugwort can do:

  • Help remember dreams.
  • Help you to dream in all color.
  • Help you to use your other senses in dreams.
  • Make you aware of your dreams and your dream state.

Not a lot of people have written about Mugwort and there is no real scientific evidence that this herb can be used to help with dreaming, but the internet is full of knowledge about how important this plant is and how much it can change your life.

If you want to be in a psychoactive state, you can use this herb because of the Thujone that is found in it will help to get you there. Thujone is also found in gin and can cause people to have different mind-altering affects when eating it. This is more than likely linked to the alcohol in the gin.

Whatever causes the dreams to be lively, you can use Mugwort because it has been around for a long time. Lucid dreaming can be an intense dreaming experience and it is almost like having dreams that predict the future.

You can use Mugwort in teas, in capsules or you can put it under your pillow or smoke it in order to make it work for you.

If you want to have lucid dreams, you can use Mugwort and see how it affects your sleeping and your dreaming.