Using Positive Energy at Work and At Home

Using Positive Energy at Work and At Home

When you have positive energies, you can attract positivity. Everyone needs to have positive energy and if you want to have good energy in your home and workplace, you can figure out how to do that. You have to keep positive energy because even though there are negative people that you will meet each day, cleansing your space will help you to clear out anything you don’t want in your life.

Smudging or Candles

There are things you can do to get rid of negative energies and one way to do this is by burning candles or by smudging. You can do this in your home or your work place and this can get rid of spiritual energy that is negative. Burn things such as incense and you can not only make your area smell good, but it will also bring healthy energy in your life and get rid of negativity. You can use white candles if you need to do a spell.


Each culture has different ways that you can protect your home from negativity. Some people will use the symbols of their faith while others will use different things or call on different gods for protection. Some will put mirrors out to reflect out the negative energy and some will put signs over their door posts.

To get rid of and protect yourself from negative energy is pretty easy. You just have to get to the point where you don’t welcome the energy in your life. Chances are if you tell the negative energy to leave, it will. Pay attention to the energy that you carry in on your own and make sure you are being positive.

Cleansing Your Area

People that have a dirty home will have things such as flies that bring negative energy. You need to organize your home and make sure that it is clean. People that work hard are not able to work as good if they have to deal with clutter. Learn to clean your space and get rid of things that you don’t need. Clean out the negative energy by getting rid of some stuff.

You can deep clean your area and purge your life of things that you don’t want. Wipe things down such as the windows and counter tops, open the windows and let in fresh air and do what it takes to cleanse the space of negativity.


You can do different rituals to get rid of negative energy. You can put salt around your house, chanting or playing music.

Energy Colors

There are energy colors that you can use such as black which will help you to be happy and there are other colors that can attract positivity to your life.

Bringing In Positive Energy

Your home is the place where you dwell, and you need to make sure that you keep the energy strong and safe. You can get rid of negativity, and you can bring positivity into your life.

Cleansing the Negative Energy

Focus on the energy around you and learn to get rid of negativity and bring in positive energy. Do what you can so that you can make your home a safe place to be. If you move into a new home, make sure that you cleanse your area.

Good Energy in the Bedroom

One of the best ways to keep your bedroom a place for sweet sleep is to make sure that you keep your room clean, find matching bedding, select colors that bring in positive energy, do things that help you rest and don’t use your bedroom as a place to work.

You need to make sure that your bedroom is a place where you can rest easily and where you don’t mix work and sleep.  Give good energy in your bedroom and it can spice up your romance as well.

Love Objects

Bring things into your home that you love. Use these objects to create a positive place for you to be. Store other things away that you don’t feel like bring good energy into your home.

Who Comes In

Pay attention to who you bring into your home. If you have people in your life that are always negative, don’t let them come into your home. If you need to see them, go, and meet them out or meet them at their home.

Positivity at Work

You can do many of the same things that you do at your home in your workplace to keep it healthy and full of positive energy. Make sure that you are creative at work and that you try to keep peace with people you work with.

Balance Work

You need to make sure that you are balancing your fun and your work and that you aren’t spending too much time at your workplace. When you get to the point that you are taking too much work home then you are overworking, and it will hurt your health and wellbeing.


Do not get into fights with people at your work. If they say something you don’t like, learn to walk away. Pick your battles with others wisely and make sure that you are not causing tension. Of course, you should never let people run over you and treat you poorly.


Do not get involved in gossiping in the workplace. This can be hurtful for others, and it will come back to you. Gossiping will make negative energy and you need to have good energy at your job.

Know Your Coworkers

Take time to get to know the people that you work with. Get to know your bosses and your coworkers. Doing this can give you harmony and help you to make new friends. Meet them out for coffee or do what you can to get to know them.

No Negativity

Do not let your boss or coworkers cause you to work in a bad environment. Make sure that you are being healthy at your job and if you are in a toxic job then you need to give your notice and move on. Being in a bad work place will never be healthy for you and you need positive energy in your life and your career.


Positive energy can heal your body, mind, and spirit. You need to make sure that you have positive energy surrounding you both at home and at your job. Get rid of negative energy and practice doing things that bring good energy into your home and your job.