Vibrational Foods

Vibrational Foods

In almost all lifestyles that you live in, the food that you eat will play a role in your physical and spiritual body.  There are many rules and traditions about certain foods such as not being able to eat pork, refusing to eat beef and other sacred animals that are against a certain culture.

There are sometimes even ceremonies that take place regarding the foods that are served and some of them can help with ceremonial purification.  Some of these include refusing to eat salt, sugars, meats and only eating vegetables or fruits.

Sometimes people use food as a remedy for healing and are dependent on what is being put into the body.  Sometimes the choices that we make tell us that we are not listening to what our bodies want from us and we are not giving our body the spiritual food that is best for us.  It causes there to be addictions and cravings and bad moods.  This can also bring about discomfort and pain in the body.

This article will help you to listen to your intuition and learn to eat the right types of foods for your spiritual growth.

Working on your spiritual nutrition is important and this is called intuitive eating.  There are ways you can know what you should eat and shouldn’t by listening to your intuition.  Write this down and make sure to follow what you believe and what you know

Food and Moods

The foods that we eat can cause us to have different moods and emotions.  We can use the foods that we eat to know what our bodies are going to do and what our bodies need.  We can limit the negativity in our life and push away our emotions and when we are not craving certain food, this is easier.

Foods and feelings are connected and sometimes they play a role together.

Emotional Ideas

When you crave foods, you have to learn to accept yourself and understand that eating healthier is better for you.  IF you want to eat crunchy foods then you might be mad about something.  Take time to figure out why you are upset and move on from there.  If you see that you want sweets or something sticky, maybe you are in the wrong place in life and the wrong relationships.

Get in touch with your inner being and know what you want and what you need.  Learn to have self-love.

  • Crunchy foods-anger.
  • Salty foods-fear and worry about risks.
  • Wheat-safety and comforting foods.
  • Sugar-joy and excitement.
  • Dairy-love and support.
  • Chocolate-sexual desire.
  • Alcohol-love and acceptance. Caring about who you are and being accepted.
  • Corn-professional success.
  • Fatty foods-internal shame.

Mental Thoughts

Food can affect what we look like in our lives and what we feel.  When we eat certain foods, we are able to understand our circumstances and look beyond the food to see what we are feeling.

Foods like crunchy foods that make us feel anger show that we are lacking love and acceptance from people in our lives.  Salty foods, wheat, sugar, dairy and alcohol are all foods that show that we want to be safe in the world and that we want to be loved and cherished.  When we crave chocolate, we want to be in a sexual relationship.

Ayurvedic Tradition

The Ayurvedic Tradition is a practice that allows you to have emotions that support your spiritual being.  These happen by different kinds of foods that we eat.  A person that follows these things have three basic elements behind the doshas (spiritual body type):


This is part of the body that takes care of the nervous system.


The Pitta is what allows you to have characteristics in your life such as bald head or dimples.


This is the excretory system that is made up of water in the earth.

If you do not know which doshas fits you, then you might have an imbalance.  The vayu helps you to feel clear and alert, the pitta gives you love and balance and the kapha will make you feel that you are stable, happy and have a good memory.

There are some foods that are good for your doshas such as:


Eat warm foods that have a heavy texture such as rice soup or wheat cereal.  Don’t eat red meat or pears, cranberries or astringent fruits.


Eat cool foods such as pickles and sour cream.  Eat salads and cold cereals.


Eat foods that are cooked with little water and add spices and herbs.  Eat astringent fruits.

Chakra Foods

You can balance your chakras if you eat foods that line up with the vibrations.  This can help you to balance your chakra and bring about positive energies in your life.

1st Chakra

Red foods, meats, grapes, cherries.

2nd Chakra

Orange foods, salmon, sweet potatoes, wheat.

3rd Chakra

Yellow foods, corn, grapefruit and squash.

4th Chakra

Green foods, vegetables and sauces.

5th Chakra

Foods that are blue such as berries and use different spices.

6th Chakra

Eat foods that have a purple color such as grapes or wine.

7th Chakra

Find foods to eat that are white such as fish and use herbs.

8th Chakra

Eat foods such as alcohol and coffee that are black.

9th Chakra

Eat foods that are gold such as honey.

10th Chakra

Find foods that are earth foods such as nuts and plants.

11th Chakra

Eat foods that are full of water.

12th Chakra

Eat foods that have vitamins.


There are six seasons in Ayurveda and you should eat to support your body and balance your spirit during all of the seasons.

Six Tastes

Having a diet is important with the Ayurvedic medicine and the traditional Chinese medicine.   You should use natural foods and foods from the earth to help heal you.

Five Phase Approach

When looking at Chinese medicine, there are different flavors that should be added into the diet.  These foods can uplift the spirit and allow you to be important and to balance your emotions.  You can incorporate five flavors into your diet to help increase your spirit and build you up.

You never want to enhance negative emotions and you want to be normal and be stimulated with happy emotions.  Having imbalances to your body can cause you to lack in your nutrition and to be unhealthy.

Even good emotions need to have a limit.  You never want to have too much joy because it can cause too much excitement and you will never have peace.  If you have too much anger, it will cause other problems such as fear and worry.

Eating and Avoiding

You need to learn to eat certain foods and know what to avoid.  If you have questions about your diet, write down things you eat and figure out if they are or are not healthy.  Always write down what you are feeling before you eat certain foods.  See if you are eating because of emotion or if you are feeling emotion so you can eat.

Always listen to your intuition and let it guide you, even in the foods that you put in your body.  If your gut tells you that you need to add more fruits and vegetables, do it.  Always pay attention to what your body is saying.