Ways of becoming a psychic medium

Ways of becoming a psychic medium

Psychic mediums are individuals who can converse with people and energies in other places, this includes the dead too. They usually come to the rescue of individuals who have unresolved questions for loved ones who died.  They use things like, tarot cards meditative channeling, palmistry or even crystals to make communication with those in other dimensions a success. This article tells us how we can enhance our psychic abilities and how to use them to help others.

  1. Be aware of what it means to be a psychic medium

Psychic mediums use one or more of the following abilities to perceive spirits in other dimensions.

  • These are mediums who can see things that others can’t see. The dead can appear to them in visions or they can tell where the dead are. Psychic mediums use their third eye to see these visions. Everybody has a third eye, but a normal person’s eye is too weak or closed.
  • They can physically or psychically hear messages from the other side. They can converse with spirits that are far away or those who are in another world.
  • They interpret messages from the spirits since they are knowledgeable. They encounter psychic communication through pure knowing.
  1. Identify your psychic ability level

Everybody possesses some psychic ability level that helps in intuiting other people’s feelings and connecting with the spiritual side. You can take note of the following questions to help you identify your psychic ability level:

Are you naturally a psychic medium?

Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient?

Do you have an interest in becoming a psychic medium but never had a paranormal experience?

  1. Research psychic mediumship

The only way to know if you are capable of being a psychic medium is to read accounts written by other mediums. Know if their stories and experiences make you recognize yourself. Learn more about mediumship.

Read articles written by psychic mediums and watch programs that feature them to understand their path and way of life.

Have a one on one with a psychic medium. Let them tell you about their experiences.

Be cautious of individuals purporting to be psychic mediums.

Method two:

Strengthen your psychic abilities

  1. Heighten your awareness

Psychic mediumship is all about being open to communication from the other side. Try the following procedures to raise your awareness and open your third eye:

Focus on your intuition. Do not throw away your dreams. Embrace those odd feelings. Take note of the many energies that affect you throughout the day.

Be alone every morning. Allow thoughts and emotions to wash over you. Don’t take charge of what comes, just welcome and absorb it. Be open-minded.

Write freely. Takedown notes on what comes into your mind the moment it arrives. Messages from other beings might not be clear but writing them down helps you find patterns.

  1. Communicate actively with spirits

You can begin by locating where mediums gather to perceive messages from the other side. They will introduce you. Once you are into the system, you can invite other mediums to join you or you can as well try it on your own.

  1. You can take a course or workshop in psychic mediumship

You can do research online to find more about workshops, classes for new psychic mediums.