What is it Like to Date a Capricorn Man?

Capricorn Man

A man that is a Capricorn sign will be very stubborn. He is a goat sign, and he takes his influence from Saturn and because of this, he is often stubborn in what he believes.

It can be hard to get a Capricorn to pay attention to you because they work hard, and they have strong values. They work hard until the job is complete and they have a desire to be secure in their life.

A Capricorn is not one that will take many risks and he can seem rough around the edges but once you work through that, you will find that he is very loving and caring. He will do whatever someone needs that he cares for. He will make sure that anyone he dates feels secure.

Attracting a Capricorn Man

It can be hard to attract a Capricorn because he will not be a very emotional person. You will have to work hard to get him to pay attention to you. Don’t give up because this will be someone that seems to be cold hearted, but this is just his exterior.

Inside, this man will be kind and caring and will be very protected of those he loves. He is a smart guy that knows what he needs to do to have a strong foundation and if you want to attract him, you have to let him feel that he is the one in control.

Do not ever let him be abusive or manipulative to you but allow him to take the lead. You can share your feelings with him and show him who you really are and that is the way that you can get him to be more open about his emotions.

Dating a Capricorn

The Capricorn likes to be bold and make moves when it comes to dating. He will want to take you out to eat or take you out to a movie or on a romantic getaway. He will be loving, and kind and he will be a very strong gentleman.

This is a person that likes to do things like make dinner at home or spend time sitting together on the couch. They also like to get close to their childlike feelings and so doing something fun is not out of the picture.

Talking to a Capricorn

The Capricorn does not normally like crazy things, and he is one that loves to show how he feels based on what he does. He takes action when he is trying to show that he cares for someone and this can make you feel safe and happy.

He will love to talk about things about his life or about a future but do not expect him to share his emotions. This might make him feel uncomfortable. You can always ask this guy for advice and he might even be an old soul and full of wisdom. He will love to talk to you about things he is passionate about.

Turn On’s

A Capricorn can be turned on by people that he finds to be sexy, but this does not mean that he will talk to you. The best way to make him attracted to you is to be reliable.

This sign believes in security and will want someone that will depend on him to make them feel good and safe.

Turn Off’s

A Capricorn man does not like things that are not organized. He likes people that do not waste and people that are secure in their life and finances.

If he sees that you are not secure, he will not talk to you again and he will find someone else to be attracted to. This man doesn’t have time for someone that is overly emotions and he does not like to show his own emotions either. He will take risks if he likes you but not when it has to do with emotions.

Compatibility of a Capricorn

If you want to date a Capricorn, it is a good idea to find out if you are compatible or not. Make sure that you pay attention to what he likes and what he doesn’t like if you have intentions of dating one.