What Kind of Job is Good for an Empath or Highly Emotional Person?


What do you think about when you hear the word “career?” What do you want to do in your life and what kind of skills do you have? Do you want to find something that you are passionate about or are you just about getting paid? Do you want to have a boss that loves to work with you and is personable or one that is focused and micromanages you?  If you are someone that is highly sensitive, there is a chance that you might be unsatisfied in your job.

A highly sensitive person is someone that has a lot of stress in their life. They have a hard time facing things in their life and going head on with things. They sometimes struggle to get their work done and they have problems with the stresses in the workplace. Highly sensitive people often look for meaning in their work and they have personalities that make it hard to find a job.

Sometimes, finding a job is not easy. A person that is sensitive has a hard time finding happiness in their job.

Highly Sensitive People Jobs

Finding a job that makes a highly sensitive person happy is hard. At least half of the people that are working seem to be happy in their jobs but a person that is highly sensitive might have a harder time finding the perfect job for themselves.

The reason that a highly sensitive person might have a hard time doing their work is because they:

  • Are not aware of the emotions of those around them.
  • They notice things such as smells and sounds that are small.
  • They have a hard time processing their energy.

Work for a person that is highly sensitive can be harder than for others. They may have a hard time being happy in their job and they might not even know what to do when they are at work.

Having a good job can be hard to find and when you are demanded to do things and to work a certain amount of time, or if you are expected to be creative, this can be hard for those that are highly sensitive.

Finding a good job does not mean that you will have to base it on luck, but here are some things that you might want to avoid if you are highly sensitive:

  • Jobs that focus on sales or getting a certain number of sales.
  • Jobs that cause you to have to negotiate.
  • Jobs that are loud or chaotic.
  • Jobs that you have to talk face to face with people.

Find a job that makes you happy and find a place where you feel that you can deal with people that are not rude and a less stressful place.

Best Careers for Sensitive People

People that are highly sensitive do have many great traits. They have talents that other people do not have such as being able to listen well and encouraging others to do their work.

A highly sensitive person pays good attention to details and they are very loyal. They have strong intuition senses, and the strengths make them good career workers.

Here are some great careers for Highly Sensitive People:


One of the good categories for a highly sensitive person is a caring profession. This can include things such as:

  • Nursing
  • Being a doctor
  • Physical therapist
  • Personal Coach
  • Therapist

These people have good strengths such as strong emotions, compassion and more that help them to be great at these jobs.


A highly sensitive person is often creative, and they have artistic talents that could help them to earn money. Some of their best jobs might be artistic work or freelancing. These are jobs they can make their own schedules.


Some highly sensitive people are good at spiritual jobs because they are open minded, and they love to encourage others to be the best that they can be.

Being a part of the clergy could be a great job because they can use their sensitivity and intuition to help others.

Academic Jobs

A highly sensitive person will be able to focus on their job and they are great at teaching others. This can be someone that will help you to care about the job and focus on what is going on day to day.

Business Owner

A highly sensitive person can be a great business owner. They work hard and they are good at talking to people. They can create a place that is very calm and welcoming, and they can be loyal to their staff.

Non-Profit Organizations

This is a great job for a highly sensitive person, and they can find something that they love to do and something that they want to devote their time to. A highly sensitive person can have a healthy and focused job that they can help others such as a fundraising job or a volunteer service.

IT Tech

Someone that is highly sensitive is often very smart. Being an IT tech means that they can make programs, develop websites and do engineering. Many people that have technological careers have a relaxed workplace and they are around other people that are sensitive.


Some of these jobs can be great for people that are highly sensitive. These jobs can help to show their strengths and help them to find jobs that make them feel nurtured and make them feel that they are making a difference in the workplace.