4 Ways to Process Psychic Readings

Ways to Process Psychic Readings

There is an abundance of information shared during a psychic reading.  If you are struggling with how to process the messages, then consider using the acronym S.O.A.P. to help you reframe your spirituality and refine your self-care plan.  This practice can be especially helpful when you are waiting for the opportunities shared during the reading to enter into your life.  The first letter in each of the bolded words below spells SOAP, which will provide you a simple and effective way this impactful acronym.

1st Bar of SOAP

  • Surrender: This can be tricky to do, but create a judgement free zone for events to transpire.  We surrender when we release expectations of how we wish things would occur, and instead, accept the reality of how thing may play out.  Stop focusing on a predication made ten years ago – that ship has sailed.  If you notice you are all tangled up in how something may go, purge the anxiety.  When we surrender, we are able to submit to pure love.
  • Odds: People can feel inclined to hedge their bets and ask multiple psychics about a pressing issue.  This is especially true when we want to hear a specific answer.  However, getting multiple messages and pieces of advice can lead to confusion.  Therefore, focus on the odds to get your true answer.  If four psychics are telling your yes, and one is saying no, then it is most likely your answer is a firm yes.
  • Ask:  Place trust in the psychic who originates a predication as to the best ways to move forward.  Work with them to see if timelines have changed or if they are receiving additional information about your concern.
  • Practice: Hone your spiritual or intuitive abilities with daily practice.  This way you can learn more about what you should or should not manifest, as well as how to craft your desired outcomes. With patience and a willingness to learn, you can actually draw down accurate predictions about your future.

2nd Bar of SOAP – Emotional regulation tips

  • Self-Love: You must always love yourself first before you can love anyone else.  Practice acts of self-care daily and always strive to speak kindly to yourself.
  • Open: Be transparent with others about your feelings.  It doesn’t benefit anyone when you suffer in silence. Cultivate a healthy support system as part of your self-care routine and be careful about who you choose to be a confidant.
  • Acceptance: Push back the gremlins of fear or anxiety by allow the future to happen as it will.  Reciting the Serenity Prayer can be a helpful acceptance tool for many people.  Check in with your heart chakra every morning about how to best handle the upcoming day with grace and be prepared to receive Aha moments that can liberate you from the shackles of stress.
  • Patience: How you treat yourself during these periods of waiting is the key to patience.  Strive to be kind, gentle, loving, and uplifting to yourself.  Speak to yourself as you would a best friend or young child.  Keep in mind your future self already knows this outcome and is working to help nurture your spirit during this anxious time.

3rd Bar of SOAP – Waiting with grace

  • Shelve it: Sometimes the time is just not right for a prediction to manifest.  Instead of stressing about why something isn’t happening yet, put the concern on a shelf and focus on another area of your life.
  • One-track mind: Don’t let too many predictions run amok in your mind.  Focus on one aspect at time and become receptive to any possibility that may come your way.  When you process psychic messages to one area at a time, you can learn how to better handle multiple concurrent predictions.
  • Application: Put forth effort to change your situation now.  Later you can check in with a psychic about how your progress may be altering your message.  Often there is nothing to predict or we aren’t clear on direction because we haven’t put forth enough momentum to change your situation.  As you become more invested in manifesting your desires the more information you put forth for a psychic to tune into.
  • Present mindset: Be here now.  By focusing on the present rather than the past or future, you can experience the joy of the now.  If you notice yourself stressing or avoiding a problem, channel your energy into this moment.  Be grateful for something that is currently happening to you.

4th Bar of SOAP – Overcoming anxiety

  • Support System: Gather people that love you and items that soothe you.  Call up your friends or family, or find moments for self-care.  These aspects can help you feel like your best self.  Create space in your life to explore how to broaden your support systems like discovering a nurturing church, exciting new hobby, or nourishing new café.  If you want more anonymity, you could research and join an uplifting online community.
  • Own your actions: We must all be responsible for our actions.  Sure, it can feel natural to want to point fingers at someone or something else for our situation, but that won’t actually help your situation.  Only you can make the necessary changes to your life.  Moreover, as you assume accountability, you may notice others in your life becoming more willing to do the same and contributing to reconciliations.
  • Activity: Find a hobby or task you can immerse yourself in.  This can help distract you from your problems and instead create a space of rest in your brain for solutions to naturally find you.
  • Picture it: Envision the future you desire can help you shift from a place of fear to place of possibilities.  Imagination is a powerful manifestation tool and can prepare us for the future.  Imagine how you want things to place out in manner that transcends time.  If you are lost as to how to do this, envision yourself as a young child.  Daydream like you did back then and don’t limit yourself to how you place out your fantasies.  Work to release any attachment to over entering into a controlling situation.

Each time you wash your hands with soap, embrace the power of SOAP in your self-care routine.  Explore how to create your own SOAP acronym by combining various aspects of the four suggested bars, or invite an entirely new bar.