Abuse and Psychic Powers

Abuse and Psychic Powers

Some people feel that abuse might increase the psychic powers that people have. IF you think about it, you will see how this makes sense. IF you were the victim of abuse, then you might have troubles having the gifts and being intuitive and awareness.

Why Does Abuse Increase These Abilities?

If you have ever been a victim of abuse of any kind be it physical, emotional or spiritual, then you might always feel that you have to watch your back.

If the abuse was at home, you might remember feeling sick or having knots in our stomach when you went to school or work. You might always remember being alert.

If your environment was abusive, it could have increased your senses.

How To Survive

Abusers can be men or women and you take notice of things that are physical around you when you have ben abused.

You also begin to rely on your inner feelings.  Your feelings tell you that things in the air might seem heavy or that you don’t feel good.  Your gut can tell you that you need to stay quiet or go to another room.

Even without realizing it, you might rely on your sense to help you.


Having intuition is natural and all things even animals have intuition. You have probably seen an animal that runs or that doesn’t seem to feel good.  Some animals also have an energy and they trust their inner feelings.  They never question it.

In our world, we are taught to suppress our energy and our inner feeling and being logical.  But when there is abuse, it is instinctive to survive and learning to cope.


Having psychic abilities are like muscles, the more they are used the more they grow.  They can be stronger.  Victims of abuse rely on intuition and it is easy for them to have more and stronger senses.

A girl who was abused by her parents might be more in touch with their senses than someone who is loved at home.

One girl might sense things so they can survive.

Another girl might rely on their parents to tell them if situations or people are safe or harmful.

When they walk out the door to go to school, it is easy for the first girl to know people and situations that are unsafe. She has learned to know kind people while others don’t.

This shows that the girl has more senses and inner self and has emotions that are stronger and clairsentience. This girl will be more empathetic and know more things.

She might also feel that she has a voice inside her that guides her and speaks to her. She has clairaudience which is psychic hearing.

Why is this Good?

Intuition is good to help you communicate and speak with your higher self.  Maybe, one blessing from being abused is that you develop your own spiritual self and that you connect with other people and you connect with your soul.

It is important to know that having these gifs is not abnormal and that you can lead with a gentle heart and soul.