Creating a Spiritual Healthy Workspace

Creating a Spiritual Healthy Workspace

Workplaces have become second homes for many people in recent years.  With all the pressures, personalities, and energies surrounding one’s desk, it makes sense to make workstations healthier for spiritual well-being.  Turning a desk into a sacred space can help mitigate the effect of the technology and become a refuge from the toils of corporate teamwork.

By following these six easy steps, you can feel more energized and productive during your work day:

  • Regularly clean and cleanse your area

Its chaos out there, so make your space a haven in the storm.  By keeping a space physically and energetically clean it can balance your mind and inspire more industriousness in your day.  It is especially important to purify your area after a trying day or during a difficult conversation with a coworker.  Allowing draining energy to linger can cause you to be exhausted and frustrated later on in the week.  After physically cleaning your space, ensure balanced energy with the help of sage.  You can either burn leaves, place some sage bundles in fresh water, or use sage oil in a diffuser.   It is also helpful to place a piece of Selenite on your desk.  Selenite is a crystal that promotes a quiet mind and mental clarity.  It also helps to purify attacks energy vampires and people casting negative thoughts in your direction.

  • Place Shungite and Black Tourmaline by your computer

People are surprised by the draining effect of technology.  Nowhere is this most evident than when you are working an eight-hour desk job!  Combat the EMFs emitted from your computer by placing a piece of Shungite next to your monitor and a chunk of Black Tourmaline underneath your desk.  Shungite has energy conduction properties that absorb the toxic EMFs and boosts your personal frequency.  Black Tourmaline guards you from radiations and helps to protect you from any negative energy.

  • Pyrite placed near any business contacts or leads

Pyrite helps bring abundance into your life.  Placing this crystal near any potential source of money will help prosperity find its way to you.  It also amplifies positive energy and blocks you from negative emotions.  By feeling emotionally balanced you can avoid feeling overly frustrated.  Instead you will feel confident to take bold risks, trust your inner wisdom and more successful at your endeavors.

  • Have Tourmalinated Quartz on your desk and Black Kyanite in your pocket

Tourmalinated Quartz empowers you to release held negative energy within your mind or body, and instead helps you see the light and positives facets of your life.  Black Kyanite enables you to cut ties with a coworker or someone else who sapped your energy.  By releasing the ties this person placed on you at an energetic level, Black Kyanite ensures you retain your energy.

  • Write notes of affirmation to yourself

Work days can be difficult and you can often find yourself doubting your abilities.  By writing affirmations or notes of encouragement it will help you refocus on what is import to you and allow to enjoy the present moment more.  Scatter these notes around your work stations whenever you need the support that only you can provide yourself.

  • Create beauty and joy with crystals

This is a time to add a more personal touch to your space.  Use your intuition to discover crystals you are drawn most towards.  Your spirit will guide you to attributes you need more of in your work area.  However, if you need some ideas consider amethyst (for improving logical thinking), citrine (for manifesting positivity), blue lace agate (for improving articulating of ideas) and carnelian (for revitalizing energy and improvements in creativity and drive).