How to Raise Your Vibrations

How to Raise Your Vibrations

Having strong vibrations can bring you peace, love, and happiness. When you raise your vibrations, you can increase your light and manifest love into your life.

Your vibration has to do with the energy and energy has to do with your thoughts and your feelings. Your intuition can show you things going on around you and help you to pick up the energies.

Some people will get closer when your vibrations raise while others will want to keep their distance from you. When you see sad stories or violence on television and you feel heaviness in your heart or bad feelings in your gut, you can know that you are experiencing your intuition.

According to the Law of Attraction, whatever you put in the world, you attract back to you. This means that the universe can help you to manifest things based on your thoughts and feelings. Everything in your life is energy and energy is a vibration.

The universe is made up of energies that are vibrating with different intensities. Everything has energy such as people, places, animals, flowers, trees, everything. The vibrations of people work by how we communicate and when we are thinking positive and communicating with a positive attitude, our vibrations are stronger and when we are negative, they are lower.

When your energy is vibrating at a higher level you will have peace and happiness but when your vibrations are slow, you will be depressed, confused, and stressed. You want to reach your higher state of consciousness and your vibrational scale is important.

Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

There are ways that you can raise your vibrations and doing this can bring you peace and harmony in your life. Here are some ways to do that:


When you want to make your vibrations go up fast, the best way to do that is to be thankful. Pay attention to things in your life and be thankful for what you have.

This is a time where you can be thankful for your family, the things you have, the good weather and other things. When you feel thankful, you will have stronger energy. Your energy can shift when you show thankfulness and have a good outlook on life.


Think of people in your life that you love. Love can make you feel happy and light. When you are in love and loving others, you raise your vibrations. This can make you feel happy and take you out of your dark feelings if you are having any.

You should start with self-love. Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do.


Be giving to others. When you are greedy in your life, you lower your vibrations and bring on bad karma. Learn to do things for others and this can boost your happiness.

When you want to feel better and happy, help someone that needs help.  You can help a friend, family or give to a charity.


Take time each day to meditate. Doing this will raise your vibrational frequency. This allows you to calm your mind and to get rid of the chatter in your head.

When you meditate, breathe deeply and be mindful of what you want to fulfill in your life. Practice this each day so that you can be stronger and increase your vibrations.


Learn to forgive others and yourself. One of the fastest ways that you can lower your vibrations is by holding on to unforgiveness. You can release your negative energy by forgiving others.

Even if someone has dome something to you that is awful, forgiveness is something that can keep you strong. It is a sacrifice of your feelings and can give you gentleness in return.

Healthy Foods

Food is your life force energy. Eating processed foods or a lot of sugar can lower your vibrations. Learn to eat healthy foods and eat foods that give you a better body image.


You can make yourself feel good for a short while by drinking alcohol or using substances, but this will lower your vibrations. Get rid of alcohol, other substances, and toxins out of your body so that you can have a healthier life.

Positive Thoughts

Learn to think positive things. Thinking negative things will bring negative things back to you and will lower your vibrations. When you think positively, you let go of things such as jealousy and shame. You can think positively for just seconds and then you will attract positive energy back into your life.

High Vibe

Your life can become stronger by the things that you consume in your body and in your mind. Pay attention to what you are watching on television or listening to on the radio. Raise your vibrations by finding non-violent and happy things to watch and listen to.

Be selective about the media that you allow to get into your body and your energy.


Being at home can be a great thing for you in your life. Surround yourself with colors that are calm and that are clear. Put lights on and surround yourself with these things. Reduce the clutter in your life and make more space for you to enjoy.


Going out for a walk-in nature can quickly increase your vibrations. This can help you to take a break from the electrical devices that you have in front of you all the time. Connect with nature and shift your mood.


Surround yourself with people that are positive and lift you up. Do not let people put you down and spend time with people who make you feel good about who you are.


It is easy to feel sad and to get down in your spirits, but you can change this by boosting your energetic field. Talk positively, the thankful, surround yourself with healthy foods and media and pay attention to who you let feed into your life.