Spiritual Aspects of the Mind

Spiritual Aspects of the Mind

The spiritual side of a person can explain why their personality causes them to handle things in different ways than you or I might handle them. This is part of psychiatry and helps people to be able to be identified effectively.

Past Life

The past life and the different worldly dimensions might affect how someone’s mind works. There are different aspects of a person in their mind, body and soul. This is the idea that everyone has emotions, thoughts, feelings and desires that change. The mind is made up of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and these play a huge role in who we are:

  • Conscious mind: This is the part of your mind where your feelings come from. This is controlled by your subconscious, and it is meant to help you understand thoughts that come into mind.
  • Subconscious mind: This is the part of the mind where you have different ideas and impressions that are affected from your past life. This can be negative or positive thoughts or even thoughts about revenge. Sometimes this is significant to your past life and affects your present.

People have had many different lives on earth, according to some and they don’t even realize it. As a person is born over and over again, they have to settle the things from their past life so that they can move forward. As the personality changes, the impression of the past life helps to mold this and helps to control these thoughts.

If you are looking at the past lives of a person, the influences that they had on their personality from other people and places impact who they are. For example, if someone is always anger, they might have had anger as a child. This is part of the personality that didn’t start when they were a toddler but in their past life. Here is more on that:

  • Most of the anger that a person has is cultivated due to things that happened to them in the past 1000 lives that they have had. This doesn’t reduce the anger if it goes unchecked.
  • The past seven lives that a person has can make the anger stronger.
  • As time goes on, a person that has an anger problem has a problem that is probably rooted from a past life. There could have been many different situations in different lifetimes that have caused the anger to be there.

The thoughts that someone has in their subconscious mind will respond to whatever is going on around them in a positive or negative way. This can leave someone to be unhappy for their whole life.

The subconscious mind is impressionable, and it helps people to reach their destiny. There are things in life that we learn such as giving and taking and there are events that happen in the past life that can define how a person responds to things that have happened in their life.

Destiny helps people to find happiness or to remain unhappy in their life and this could happen because of the bad things that they have done in their past. There are influences that affect a person and the happiness that they receive.

Even if a person doesn’t take action for the things that happened to them in their past, their karma can take over and this can cause them to have bad things happen to them in the future.

Negative Energies

Negative energies can cause a personality to not work in a peaceful way. It can cause someone to have negative energy and it can cause their situations to become worse. Even if they are bad already, they can get worse because of the bad karma that they have gathered over their lifetimes. Negative energies will take advantage of a personality and cause it to damage itself and others. Even relationships will be affected by negative energy that someone has.

The best thing to do is to try to understand that personality defects such as anger can be caused by pain that someone has dealt with or not dealt with from their past. The past life can create negative energies that cause personality defects to become bigger.