When You Aren’t Listening to Your Intuition

Listening to Your Intuition

When you are spiritual or when you listen to yourself, you know that dealing with your intuition can be a big deal. It is something important that everyone should talk about and when there is a problem and your body is telling you that something isn’t right, then this means that there are signs that your intuition is showing you that there is a problem.

Chances are that when this happens you might think that something else is going on with you such as you might be on new medication, or you might feel different because of something someone said to you. But the truth is, you are just ignoring your intuition and you are not focusing or connecting with the signs that your intuition is trying to tell you. There are ways that you can know when your intuition is talking to you, and you can learn to develop your awareness.

You are probably someone that wants to be able to be in tuned with what your intuition tells you and you want your body to be a guide to you. Once you learn to follow what your heart and gut tell you, it will be easier to make decisions. But the truth is, listening to your intuition is not always easy and it can be hard, especially if you aren’t used to doing it.

Understanding What Intuition Is

Intuition is something that comes to your consciousness that is emotional and a stimulation of your body and your brain. It is a sensation that you will get when something is going on around you. Some call intuitions a sixth sense but just because someone hasn’t heard the term “intuition” before doesn’t mean that they don’t know what it means.

Maybe you get a feeling in your gut about going to a certain place or you feel like you shouldn’t be around someone. You might have to make a decision fast about what to do and sometimes people will listen to their gut feelings and know that it is helping them.

Other people will describe intuition as a voice that guides them or a gut reaction and most of the time this is not something that is easy to explain, it just happens and that is your intuition talking to you.

How to Know if Your Intuition is Speaking

There are different signs that your intuition can give you to help you make a fast decision. Some people listen closely to their intuition, and they are able to know exactly when it speaks to them while others are not able to tap in as easy.

Measuring Intuition

Intuition is how your mind is connected to your body and then it can be a spiritual or scientific connection that happens. Intuition is something that cannot be measured by scientists and if they want to put a number or an actual calculation to it, they will have a hard time making that mind and body connection.

Feelings cannot always be measured or put into numbers and that is why it is so hard sometimes for science to explain things.

Studying Intuition

So, if scientists cannot put numbers to intuition, then how can they tell you how it works? Different studies show people things such as flashing dots and they had to figure out which way they expected the dots to move, and they were asked to make a fast decision. Even though they were fast, the people were able to imagine which way the dots were going.

Another thing that science has done is to show people pictures and have them decide if the pictures were good or bad. One might be of a puppy, and one might be of a tornado. People were usually able to respond to these and to know when something was positive or negative.

Improving Intuition

Science has shown that intuition can be experimented upon as time goes on, but they also suggest that people don’t have or not have intuition. They will not say either way, but most realize that intuition is there to help people make good choices. Even if science is not able to prove that having strong intuition is a good thing, once you start making choices on it, you will see how it helps you.

You can learn to listen to your intuition and make better choices if you begin to listen more, but many people go against their intuition and here are some signs that this happens:

Going Against Your Intuition

One thing that can happen when you go against your intuition is that you get butterflies in your stomach. People will sometimes realize that they are not listening when this happens to them. Some will say that they are just having indigestion, but others are more tuned in and will realize they are not listening.

Enteric Nervous System

Your nervous system is called the enteric nervous system and it shares neurotransmitters with your brain. This happens when something isn’t right, and it will send you signals to listen.

These neurotransmitters will send messages to your body and will tell you to listen to your intuition.

Vagus Nerve

There is a nerve in your gut called the Vagus nerve and this runs from your brain to your stomach. When this starts acting up you will feel that you are not listening to your intuition.

When you listen to your intuition then you will get a fight or flight response. This happens and your sympathetic nervous system will shut down and you will show you that something isn’t right. The Vagus nerve will not work right when something is going on that is dangerous.

This connects with your gut and makes you have sensations through your body.

Digestive Issues

Your gut feeling might feel like indigestion or something else and it might leave you feeling queasy or nauseas. This can happen and it can cause you to feel different.

Your body is full of bacteria in the gut, and this can help to send messages to your body. When you have a certain interaction or something happens, the bacteria in your gut will memorize this and will know if you have had a positive or negative feeling. Then when it happens again, your intuition will tell you that something isn’t right and something bad is going to happen.

It has been shown in research that your gut bacteria can work with your serotonin levels, and it will change depending on what is going on in your life. This can cause you to lose your appetite or to feel upset or queasy. This can happen when you are about to make a decision or when you are not in a good situation and your body will release serotonin to your intuition.

Energy Levels

When your intuition starts working, you will see a change happen in your energy. This energy will make you feel energized and can inspire you. Do you feel that you are dragging or that you have no energy? If so, this can mean that you are about to go against what your gut is telling you.

Being exhausted about something that you do such as going to a place that you have never might be a sign that you went against your intuition. You might have something going on that you are questioning, and it can give you anxiety about the situation and make you feel like you are making a bad decision.

Heart Rate

Another sign of your intuition is that your heart rate can increase. When you are getting intuition messages and your body is trying to tell you that something is not right, you might feel anxiety. You might also see that you are breathing differently or that your chest feels tight. This can be hard to recognize until you can be more in tuned with your intuition.

Your body will be in fight or flight mode, and this can cause you to be guarded and can make you feel that you are prepared in case something happens.

Blood Pressure

Another sign that you are dealing with not listening to your intuition is that your blood pressure can go up. Have you ever been stressed or been around people and realized that your intuition has raised? This can leave your body feeling hot or feeling out of control.

Sometimes people that are pregnant will go to the doctor with their blood pressure high and this will make the doctor question what they are doing and how they are feeling. They can feel anxious about the care that they are getting or that they are not supported.

When your Vagus nerve shuts down, it puts you in a fight or flight mode and it can cause your stress to increase. You can do things to get this in control by deep breathing, praying, meditating, or doing things that help you to relax. When you can get yourself relaxed you can see that your Vagus nerve will be activated, and your blood pressure will lower.

Tuning Into Your Intuition

Once you are able to know the signs of your intuition you will be able to take steps to listen to it more. By listening, you will lessen the conflict that you are having. You can learn to connect with your intuition and to relax and live a better life. Listening to your intuition is a skill and you can learn to work harder and have a more peaceful life.